Important Information to Know Before Winter Break

Front row, left to right: Mary Stevens, program support specialist, and Shelby England, coordinator, employee communications
Rear row, left to right: Michael Maguire, operations manager, video productions; Wendy Jo Moyer, manager, employee communications; Hilda Vazquez, graphic designer, senior; Dani Moritz-Long, senior news writer; Chara Young, director, organizational communication; Sebastian Cardenas, graphic designer; and Scott Smith, producer, multimedia 

Time is certainly flying by as it seems like yesterday that the Organizational Communication team (that produces The Grove) posed for last year’s holiday photo. And here we are again with our 2018 family photo (okay, maybe it’s an awkward family photo).

This winter break, our team sends you our best. We hope your winter break is filled with some holiday cheer, quality time spent with loved ones and maybe even some relaxation.

Before you head out for the break, here are some important notes:

OIT Winter Freeze
The Office of Information Technology (OIT) will conduct a Winter Freeze from Monday, December 17, 2018 through Friday, January 11, 2019. In order to provide a stable environment for our students, faculty and staff and to ensure a strong start to the spring term, OIT will not make any system-level changes or updates to any production systems like Banner, Atlas, Canvas or email during this time.

Shut Down Your Workstations
Please remember to shut down your workstations for winter break to help Valencia save energy and money. Money saved is used toward our mission of transforming students’ lives. Please follow these shutdown procedures:

  • Completely power down all computers, monitors, printers, copy machines and televisions.
  • Switch off power strips.
  • Turn off office and break room lights.
  • Close blinds to keep rooms cool.
  • Ensure all classroom equipment is turned off.
  • Unplug appliances.
  • Empty and clean the break room refrigerator. Designate someone in your area to be responsible for emptying and cleaning the refrigerator on the last day before the break. Print and attach this flyer to let users know to remove their personal food/beverages.

Share Your Winter Break Festivities on Social Media
We also hope you take the time to document your winter break festivities using the hashtag, #OurValencia. Whether you travel to a true winter wonderland, bake grandma’s famous Christmas cookies or play spin the dreidel, you can post about your winter break experiences to social media and incorporate the hashtag, #OurValencia.

Happy winter break!

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