In a Dispute with a Colleague? Employee Relations Can Help

Working in a collaborative and innovative environment can sometimes result in differences between employees and their colleagues or employees and their supervisors. Fortunately, at Valencia College, Organizational Development and Human Resources strives to provide resources to address employee disputes, large and small, at the earliest possible stage. As a result, Equal Opportunity and Employee Relations has created a wide range of tools for faculty and staff members to resolve conflict and promote a more productive workplace.

The dispute resolution process is a resource for employees to resolve workplace-related concerns in order to promote productive, working relationships. There are two primary types of dispute resolution:

  • Informal Dispute Resolution: Available to all employees, this process is often the most effective because it encourages the healthy and respectful exchange of ideas, informally, through interpersonal discussions, facilitative conversations or discussions with a supervisor.
  • Formal Dispute Resolution: If the methods of informal dispute resolution are unsuccessful, or the dispute is of a kind that more formal measures are needed, full-time employees may also utilize one of two formal dispute resolution processes: mediation or grievance. Mediation manages the dispute beyond informal interpersonal discussions with facilitated conversations to find mutually agreeable solutions.The grievance process — which is also available to part-time faculty solely with respect to termination of an employment contract or violations of academic freedom — provides a review of the circumstances of a given situation and renders a recommendation by a committee of trained college representatives.

To learn more about dispute resolution, click here to view a one-pager or for more information about the grievance process, click here.

If you like these tools, you’ll also find other one-pagers with tips for engaging in successful interpersonal discussions and constructive conflict management, as well as a performance and behavior discussion guide that can be used by both supervisors and employees for planning difficult conversations in the Valencia EDGE. Additionally, you will find disciplinary action, and discrimination and harassment resources. To access these tools, click here and sign into Atlas. You can also access them on the Valencia EDGE at any time in the “My Learning” channel.

For additional support or to learn more about available resources, contact Organizational Development and Human Resources at or 407-299-5000, extension HR4U (4748).

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