Institutional Planning and Governance Updates

Tuesday, December 7, 2021

A Message from Katie Tagye, Director, Organizational Design and Development

2021 has been a year of progress in both institutional planning and governance. We want to take a moment to give you some updates on both, as well as to provide you with a bit of a peek into what will be coming in the new year.

Institutional Planning

In December 2020, the Valencia College District Board of Trustees approved Valencia’s 2030 Strategic Impact Plan. This plan is designed to describe Valencia’s major goals (the “why” of our work) and to identify specific, ambitious targets (the “what”) for each goal. These goals are designed to advance equity for students of every race and ethnicity while improving both the educational and economic outlook for the Central Florida community. The Strategic Impact Plan goal areas are:

The institutional plans will outline the specific strategies and tactics designed to move the College toward meeting the ambitious goals outlined in the Strategic Impact Plan. The Institutional Plans* are:

  • Academic Program Plan
  • Equity Plan
  • Learning Plan
  • Student Experience Plan

*A fifth plan will be established for Community Impact after a community survey is conducted.

Over the summer, institutional planning work teams formed and began cultivating strategic focus areas (the “how”) to reach our strategic impact plan goals. These teams have since completed their work, including the creation of draft strategy documents based on the collegewide town halls and idea sessions. From that work, a review of the proposed strategies in each plan was conducted by our Senior Team, including mapping proposed strategies to our college Strategic Impact goals.

This mapping exercise facilitated an evaluation of whether or not the completion of all of the strategies mapped to a particular impact plan goal would result in progress toward attaining that goal in the next three years. It also allowed for the identification of overlap among strategies from different plans, a leveling of strategies and tactics, and a review of the feedback collected throughout the process to include additional strategies that are critical to achieving our goals but were not identified explicitly in a strategy template by an institutional planning team.

Now that the mapping process is complete and strategies have been identified that align with each Strategic Impact Plan goal, there are three important tasks remaining: 1) create a short description of each strategy including the connection of each to advancing equity, 2) prioritize the strategies within each goal across the three-year institutional plan horizon, and 3) through the new Council Coordination Team (CCT) in our governance refresh, assign the prioritized strategies to the emerging Strategy Councils in early 2022.

Once all of the strategies were identified, it became appropriate to name a collection of strategies aligned to advancing equity separate from the Strategic Impact Plan goal. This collection of strategies, called Advancing Equity, is framed around a problem statement crafted by the equity plan team and serves as the foundation of work that, when complete, will undergird the four impact plan goals and the work of the College that is not represented in the Strategic Impact Plan.

Governance Refresh

As you may have seen in the College Update, our collaborative governance is getting a bit of a refresh. While more information will be shared in the new year that will describe implementation plans for the governance refresh, we want to give you an overview of the final recommendations.

Our collaborative governance system is organized to help us achieve the outcomes of governance: better decisions and greater trust. The system is designed to facilitate large-scale, collegewide work and to provide access and information about that work deeply throughout the College. It is also designed to be dynamic and adaptable so that incremental adjustments, rather than major overhauls, can be made to  address new challenges, understanding of our larger system and organizational needs.

With the goal to connect the work in the institutional plan areas with our Strategic Impact Plan goals, in spring 2022, we will be adding capacity by expanding governance through the formation of strategic councils aligned with our institutional plans: Academic Program Council, Equity Council, Learning Council and Student Experience Council. These new strategic councils will be in addition to our Faculty Council, Senior Team and Leadership Forum and will broaden the scope of governance in alignment with our continued institutional growth and our stated goals in the College’s Strategic Impact Plan.

We invite you to begin thinking about how you might want to become engaged in this work. Engagement in governance provides you with opportunities to offer your unique perspective to ongoing work at the College, develop and implement tactics related to our named strategies, and aids us in achieving our articulated institutional goals. You can engage in governance in the following ways:

  • Watch for and access the information you need and want via our various communication channels (i.e., collegewide newsletters, College Updates, Valencia’s website), and share information with your colleagues and teams
  • Serve on a Strategic Council
  • Participate on a governance work team

Keep your eyes open for opportunities for both faculty and staff beginning in spring 2022. We are confident that through working together on intentional and strategic work, we can achieve our goals and create a better future for our College and our community.

If you have any questions or would like to talk further about how the work of the impact planning teams was mapped into the overall college strategy, please email me at ktagye@valenciacollege.eduAmy Bosley, vice president, institutional planning and development, and chief of staff, at or Darren Smith, director, institutional effectiveness, at

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