International Students Share Their Perspectives During Global Peace Week

By VISA Club Members

“Boarding.” That is how Valencia Intercultural Student Association (VISA Club) members started their presentation during Global Peace Week 2018. Their destination? The World.

Yonitha Berryhill, coordinator, international students, and one of the club advisors shared, “When I first saw the call for proposal for Global Peace Week, I immediately thought about VISA Club. As the co-advisor for this group of amazing leaders, I knew they could provide an educational and fun presentation to our Valencia College community. I am so proud of them, and I was filled with emotion as I watched the presentation.”

According to Melissa Johnson, professor, speech, and facilitator of the Peace and Justice Institute, VISA Club’s presentation was “informative, engaging and so much fun. We were able to stamp our passports and travel around the world to explore different cultures. I can’t wait until the next time.”

The club’s president, May Martines, an international student from Brazil and international student recruitment specialist, welcomed everyone aboard to a trip to find “peace around the world.” Inspired by a quote from John F. Kennedy, “We are building a level of international understanding which can sharply improve the atmosphere for world peace.”

International students then shared their perspectives starting with the Dominican Republic by Elias Sanchez, a student from the Community College Initiative (CCI) Program. According to him, Dominicans can find peace in nature, faith, family and people. He also added a question: “What if we are the peace in someone else’s life?”

To read more about the students from Colombia, Indonesia, South Africa, South Korea, Germany and Japan, click here.

The staff was proud by having international students’ voices heard at this presentation, as Mia Čančarević, manager, international student recruitment, highlighted, “I am very proud of our international students for pursuing activities on campus and for sharing their culture with those who would not have had the opportunity to travel abroad. I am very proud of May, who is also our international recruitment specialist, who creates a personal connection with prospective students prior to them enrolling to the College and for being involved in facilitating cultural conversations on campus as the president of VISA club. Our international students bring richness to our Valencia College community; we have students represented from over 110 countries. I am looking forward to the events for the International Education Week in November.”

May, who also played the role of the flight attendant from VISA Club finished the session with, “Peace can be found in everyone; after all, we are all international. Thank you for choosing Visa Club and welcome home!”

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