January 2013 Procurement News

2013 W-9 Form Now Available

The 2013 W-9 Form is now available on the accounts payable website. You can also access the form by visiting the “Finance” tab in Atlas.

The W-9 Form is one of two required documents for companies to complete in order to conduct business with Valencia (the other form is the Supplier Business Profile). Completing these forms does not guarantee business with the college. However, the forms must be completed and submitted before a purchase order or check can be processed.

For any questions, please contact Seher Awan, accounts payable coordinator, at sawan1@valenciacollege.edu or at extension 3379.

Purchase Order & Invoice Creation Process

To properly execute and comply with college policies, the accounts payable and procurement offices would like to clarify the purchase order and invoice creation, approval, and payment workflow.

College Policy 6Hx28:6-03.1 states that all purchases shall be made by requisition purchase order (PO), purchasing card (P-Card), or petty cash procedures. A PO is a legally binding document that authorizes the supplier to ship and invoice for the materials and/or services specified. The president or a designee (Keith Houck for contracts and Ed Ames for POs) are the only authorized employees who can commit the college to such expenditures. For these reasons, proper procedures should be followed when making purchases to protect you and the college from liability.

A requisition MUST be completed and approved for the procurement office to create a PO before receiving services, materials and/or an invoice from the vendor. A PO may not be created after goods, services, or an invoice has been received. In the event an emergency purchase is unavoidable, accounts payable may process an invoice if proper documentation and approval is provided (i.e. check request form, certificate of services form). An emergency is defined as when certain conditions adversely affect the life, health, safety and welfare of Valencia employees or students.  Many emergency situations can be handled using a P-Card.

Usually, a PO is created with a set quantity and price. However, if the total cost of the purchase or frequency of vendor invoicing is unknown, you can create a requisition good for the entire fiscal year, July 1 to June 30 (this is called an “Open PO”). An Open PO will be created for a specific supplier for a specified time, up to 12 months, for recurring purchases/payments with a minimal encumbrance. Costs can be estimated for the year by term, project, or previous fiscal year expenditures. These POs can be increased at any time throughout the fiscal year. This can save time, as only one PO needs to be requested per vendor per year. At the beginning of each new fiscal year, new POs should be requested.

There are two workflows used commonly throughout the college for requisition POs. The first workflow is for general goods and services purchased through vendors, which has a fixed quantity and price. The second workflow is used for Valencia contractors, for example art models. See below for a visual of both workflows.

Please note that a PO should be requested at the time a Valencia Contractor’s Agreement is signed. Also, if a Fund 1 account is being used, the Valencia Contractor’s Agreement must be renewed each fiscal year. The Contractor’s Agreement should be completed in detail with specific information on payment details. For example: If hiring an art model, what is the hourly, billable rate? It is strongly recommended that quotes be obtained for all purchases. This serves as written documentation from the vendor for your purchases. If a purchase is above $5,000, at least three quotes are required. As you can see from the workflows, both processes are similar.

If you have any questions, please contact Seher Awan, accounts payable coordinator, at sawan1@valenciacollege.edu (extension 3379) or Mary Ellen Davies, procurement operations manager, at mdavies@valenciacollege.edu (extension 5527).

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