July 2013 Procurement News

New Contracts For Promotional And Marketing Items

After a Request for Proposals process was completed by the procurement office, six collegewide committee members have selected our promotional and marketing item vendors for this fiscal year. They are (in alphabetical order):

  • Abbott Communications Group
  • American Ad Specialties
  • Barker Specialty
  • HALO Branded Solutions
  • Image Depot
  • Metropolis Graphics Inc (T-shirts only)
  • Stephen Gould Corporation

Each company presented their products, services, discounts and rebates to the college.  They all have expertise in their fields and offer a large range of items.  These companies have exclusive rights to our promotional and marketing items and staff can order from any of them without bidding.

For detailed information regarding each company, please refer to the Procurement User Resources portal under the “Finance” tab in Atlas.

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