July 2014 Procurement News

Procurement Announces New Contractor’s Agreement, Explains “Stringing” and Provides Billing Address

Effective Wednesday, July 9, 2014, a new and improved Contractor’s Agreement can be found in Atlas, under Valencia Forms. This user-friendly document has been redesigned by The Office of Policy and General Counsel to include all the necessary information to protect the College. That means that once the agreement is completed by the requesting department, signed by the appropriate budget manager and signed by the contractor, it is then sent directly to the vice president, operations and finance for his signature.

Provided that the contractor does not make any changes to the prepared document, this can be forwarded to the vice president’s office and a requisition should be created in Banner. If the contractor does make changes to the contract, then The Office of Policy and General Counsel will need to review the document before it can be approved.

Contractor’s Agreements are required for anyone, on or off Valencia property, who performs a service, such as performers, vendors, artists, speakers, consultants, art models, etc. Although the contractor may not be charging the College for his/her services, a Contractor’s Agreement is still required.

At times, the contractor may want the College to pay for travel or expenses. In these cases, a Contractor’s Agreement is necessary and the cost will be for expenses only allowable per Florida Statute. The contractor is responsible for reporting to the IRS his or her breakdown of services and expenses. In addition, Valencia will no longer make travel arrangements for contractors.

All Contractor’s Agreements require a purchase order. The Contractor’s Agreement and purchase order should be made out to the individual or company as it is reported to the IRS. The total amount on the agreement should match the purchase order. If the scope of work changes or the time is extended on a project, an addendum should be created to add to the original agreement.

If you have any questions regarding the new Contractor’s Agreement, contact Mary Ellen Davies, procurement operations manager, at mdavies@valenciacollege.edu or extension 5527.


Stringing is the splitting of orders, bills or payment processes in order to circumvent the transaction limits, quotes and or competitive bid amounts. This can apply to purchase orders or P-card transactions. Auditors review our records and look for this type of activity.

In order to be in compliance, please follow these rules:

  1. Goods/services over $5,000 require three quotes and must be purchased using a Banner requisition/purchase order. All three quotes must be sent to the procurement office so that a PO can be attached. The lowest bid should determine which supplier is used.
  1. Goods/services over $35,000 require the College to perform a public solicitation in the form of an invitation to bid, request for proposal or request for quotation with the exception of services covered by a professional services exemption. Contact Mary Ellen Davies at mdavies@valenciacollege.edu or extension 5527 to begin the solicitation process.
  1. Know your single and monthly credit limits on your P-card. If your card is declined by a vendor because of credit limits, you will need to complete a Maintenance Form, found on Atlas, to increase whichever limit is declining. Splitting transactions is viewed as circumventing the system and may result in an audit.

Billing Address for Pcard Holders

Effective July 1, 2014, the billing address for all P-card holders will be P.O. Box 3028, Orlando, FL 32802. Your “ship to” address will be the campus location where you are located, unless you’re located in the District Office. All District Office packages should be shipped to West Campus, 1800 S. Kirkman Rd., Orlando, FL 32811. However, all billing must be sent to the post office box.

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