June 2013 Procurement News


A Contractor’s Agreement is a contract between Valencia College and a vendor, performer, artist, speaker or consultant, all referred to as the “Contractor.” This form is required when any “Contractor” performs services on Valencia property, with or without pay. Occasionally, a speaker will perform their service for “free,” but will want to be paid for their expenses. In these instances, a Contract’s Agreement will need to include that verbiage. Travel for non-employees will be paid using Valencia’s guidelines as defined in Policy 6Hx28:5-08.

The template for the Contractor’s Agreement can be found in Atlas under Valencia Forms in the “Employees” tab. It is an approved document by our legal office and includes the term of the contract, payment terms, scope of work, insurance and other terms and conditions. This form protects the college from any liability and must be completed prior to the commencement of any service on Valencia property.

The dates or term of the contract should include a start date and an end date. If using Fund 1, the dates should not cross fiscal years. The date can be one day, one semester or one fiscal year, ending on June 30. New Contractor’s Agreements should be set up on July 1, if the service crosses fiscal years.

Payment can be a fixed fee that includes expenses and travel or a non-fixed fee that would have a capped amount.

Scope of Work should include a detailed description of what the contractor is providing.

The Contractor’s Agreement is first signed by the contractor prior to services provided. The budget manager for the requesting department should then sign and date the contract. If no changes have been made to the template, the agreement should be sent directly to Keith Houck, vice president of operations and finance, (DTC-3) for his signature. All Contractor’s Agreements are then sent to procurement for processing. If the contractor makes changes to the template, the revised contract will need approval from our legal office.

Requesting departments must create a Banner requisition once the contractor signs the agreement. The name on the contract should be the same name as listed on the W-9/Supplier Business Profile that was completed by the contractor.

Procurement will create a Banner Purchase Order (PO) from the requisition and send a copy of the signed contract along with the purchase order to the contractor for their files.

After services are completed, the contractor should submit an invoice or Certification of Services to the college. Our Accounts Payable Department has designed a form for contractors to use if they do not provide invoices. The Certification of Services form can be found on the accounts payable website or in Atlas under Valencia Forms on the “Employees” tab. Do not use the Contractor’s Agreement as a ‘sign off’ for services. The process includes a pre-approved agreement and then a completion of the project.

In cases where you want to hire an art model for a semester, but you don’t know how many days he/she will be working, the Contractor’s Agreement should be signed in the beginning of the semester or prior to the start of work. An hourly cost will be charged, so in the Scope of Work, the description would be: Art model for Spring Term @ $15/hr. Dates and times to be determined. Not to exceed $450/semester. The requisition can be created to encumber funds not to exceed $450. Please remember, after completion of the semester, if money is still encumbered on the PO, it will need to be canceled for the funds to be released. Or, you can open a PO for $100 and add to it as needed, but not to exceed $450 as listed on the contract.

Any questions regarding the process of a Contractor’s Agreement should be directed to the procurement office at Valenciaprocurement@valenciacollege.edu or at extension 5532.


When using a caterer other than Cabin Creek Food Services, the following documents are required three (3) days prior to the event:

  • A signed Valencia Contractor’s Agreement
  • A completed Banner requisition
  • An Orange County Temporary Event Form

The event planner is required to send the catering company a temporary permit form. The temporary event form must be approved by the health department and on display at the event. The Health Department Temporary Event Form is not a Valencia form; it is an Orange County Health Department requirement, and can be downloaded here.

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