Know the Grove

The Grove is an interactive website that features the freshest news and information for Valencia employees. This is where you can find and share news about the latest initiatives and programs, report on campus and college happenings, and keep up-to-date on your colleagues and their achievements. Best of all, it’s directly from the source—you! Here’s how it works.

  • Step 1

    Valencia news and announcements are submitted to The Grove by you and/or your colleagues.

  • Step 2

    Submissions are reviewed, approved, edited, and then posted on The Grove.

  • Step 3

    The Grove’s freshest stories are compiled and emailed to Valencia employees in our e-news digests. All employees receive The Juice each week, while supervisors and faculty receive an additional monthly e-newsletter filled with content from The Grove that is relevant to their roles.

  • Step 4

    By clicking to “Read more,” all of the concentrated content in The Juice, Supervisor Segment and Faculty Insight newsletters links back to The Grove, where you can find, read and comment on full versions of the stories.

For questions or more information, please contact us at or at extension 8139.