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By Lisandra “Liz” Suarez, Campus Director, Organizational Development and Human Resources

“I alone cannot change the world, but I can cast a stone across the waters to create many ripples.” — Mother Teresa

This quote is at the top of my favorite quotes list, alongside quotes from Helen Keller and Mark Twain.liz-suarez-270w

These words truly feed my desire to make a positive difference in the world — but it simplifies this dream at the same time. Although making such “ripples” in the world seems like an ambitious dream, what I truly mean to do is to make a positive difference in the world from the scope of my control. Before looking outward, first I must change my world. Certainly that begins with myself — by challenging my thoughts and perceptions while striving to create a positive and balanced mindset.

In my role within Organizational Development and Human Resources, I have the opportunity to cast stones across the waters every day, all day. Daily interactions with many, including staff, faculty, students and community members, provide the instances. Sometimes all it takes is a few seconds to plant seeds in order to support people and to build communities. This might occur in a one-on-one interaction, a small group interaction, through coaching and developing others and/or sharing inspiring stories or thoughts in an open collegewide forum.

slicePersonally, I do believe that anyone can cast a stone that will create many ripples, regardless of his or her title or position. It is about taking ownership of the moment.

I FREQUENTLY ask myself: How can I transform the present moment to create a lasting positive effect? The answer to this question propels the action to follow.

That’s why I love Valencia, because our vision speaks of transforming lives. Our mission states that we do so by providing opportunities, and our values refer to people. I see that, at Valencia, we all have the opportunity of “casting stones” for our students, our communities and our employees, and I get to be a part of it all by sharing my voice.

My voice, as many other voices of people at Valencia, are in conversations that can impact the direction of the College to positively transform lives just by merely expressing a conscientious thought. These thoughts can create ripples that go beyond our institution, and none of this can be done alone.

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