Learning Leadership Council Meeting Summary — June 3, 2015

Learning-Leadership-Council-groveValencia’s Learning Leadership Council met on Wednesday, June 3, 2015, at the Winter Park Campus. The following items were discussed.

Online Learning Updates

Each Online Learning team provided an update. Highlights are included below:

  • The Faculty Preparedness for Online and Hybrid Learning work team is evaluating data received from twos surveys, one to faculty and one to deans. The faculty survey asked about (a) whether faculty had taught online or hybrid courses before; (b) how they prepared to teach these courses; (c) what kind of training and preparation they underwent to teach online or hybrid courses; (d) how prepared they felt to teach online or hybrid courses; and (e) what additional preparation they would like to receive before teaching online or hybrid courses.The dean survey asked about (a) level of faculty preparation in online/hybrid courses; (b) what types of training and preparation are required before faculty teach online/hybrid courses; (c) whether the deans had taught online or hybrid courses; and (d) how the deans prepared themselves if they taught online or hybrid courses.More than 200 people responded.
  • The Dean/Chair Development in Leadership for Online Learning work team will send a survey to deans and chairs asking their online learning needs, including what they are struggling with and what resources they would like to provide their faculty.
  • The Online Student Services and Support Team will perform a gap analysis to determine what online services Valencia is providing, what services we need and what issues online students are experiencing.
  • The Course Curriculum Design work team will focus on course design, developing principles and looking at resources. The team’s goal is to develop a set of resources that can be provided across the College including course and module templates and a thought process that can be used to create and design courses.
  • The Online Data and Evaluation work team is having data pulled so they can begin a vetting process.
  • The Online Student Prepardness work team provided an assessment plan to the Learning Leadership Council for review. The goal is to develop an online student orientation to launch in summer 2016.

Essential Competencies

In November 2014, the Learning Leadership Council approved a work plan to form a steering committee that would review and make revisions as needed to the Seven Essential Competencies of a Valencia Educator. A steering committee was formed, and in early spring 2015, a survey was emailed seeking feedback on the current competencies.

Work teams spent spring term using current literature and practices at Valencia and the survey data collected to examine each of the competency areas.

This month, the work teams will finish reporting their findings to the steering committee. Then, the findings will be examined to determine what the core competencies will look like.

At this time, it does not appear that any major changes will be recommended. There are minor changes including some language adjustments and the addition/removal/refinement of some of the indicators. The academic community will have an opportunity this summer to provide feedback on what has been developed.

The goal is for the competencies to be drafted and voted on by the Faculty Council and then provided to the Learning Leadership Council for approval in the fall.

Incentive Components of the Faculty Compensation Plan Work Team
The Learning Leadership Council endorsed the idea to bring the new faculty incentive strategy to the Faculty Council for feedback. Faculty Association President Suzette Dohany will present this information to Faculty Council at its Thursday, June 11, 2015, meeting. More details will follow in Suzette’s Faculty Governance Update in the Faculty Insight.

The next Learning Leadership Council meeting will be held on Wednesday, September 16, 2015, from 2 – 5 p.m. at the District Office in Room 502.

For more information on the Learning Leadership Council, click here.

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