Learning Leadership Council Meeting Summary — November 4, 2015

llc-banner-groveLearning Leadership Council Meeting Summary — November 4, 2015

Valencia’s Learning Leadership Council (LLC) met on Wednesday, November 4, 2015, on the East Campus. Meeting highlights are as follows:

Online Learning Redesign
Wendi Dew, assistant vice president, teaching and learning, provided an overview of the online learning redesign work including some background data that was considered when forming redesign work teams. The data revealed that there is significant growth in online headcounts over time and with that growth there has been a persistent 5 percent success gap across all online courses. That gap is even higher, between 10 and 11 percent, in the top 10 highest enrolled online courses. We have a broad range of success gaps, both positive and negative, as it relates to onsite and online.

In order to address these challenges, seven short-term work teams were formed and charged with designing and, in many cases, implementing strategies, processes, practices and/or tools that will increase online student success, decrease the gap in success between instructional modalities and improve the student experience in online and hybrid courses. Three work teams presented their recommendations to the LLC during the meeting: Faculty Preparedness, Course and Curriculum Design and Dean and Chair Development.

Online Learning Redesign – Faculty Preparedness
Lisa Macon, dean, engineering, computer programming and technology, and Liza Schellpfeffer, professor, speech, presented the findings and recommendations from the Faculty Preparedness Work Team. The team is recommending the creation of a Faculty Institute for Online Instruction with a program for online and hybrid training to prepare faculty members to teach online and hybrid courses. The LLC approved moving the recommendations forward. The next step will be for Instructional Affairs Committee (IAC) and the Faculty Council to provide feedback, and then the work team will report back to LLC.

Online Learning Redesign – Course and Curriculum Design
Page Jerzak, associate director, online teaching/learning, and Erin O’Brien, professor of English, presented recommendations from the Course and Curriculum Design Work Team. The team is recommending that the following be created/made available on the Valencia website or learning management system: course design templates, model courses/style guide, best practices checklists, exemplary master course templates, advanced tools, technologies and innovative practices, guidelines for use of open educational resources and publisher materials, and model syllabi. The LLC endorsed bringing the recommendations to IAC and Faculty Council for feedback.

Online Learning Redesign – Dean and Chair Development
Mike Bosley, executive dean, and Linda Neal, dean, communications, presented recommendations from the Dean and Chair Development Work Team. The team is recommending that an Introduction to Online Learning course be prepared to train all deans and chairpersons/coordinators to observe and evaluate online/hybrid courses. The team also recommended creating a second training course to train deans and chairpersons/coordinators to apply the updated online/hybrid observation form to a mock course and to discern faculty training needs. The LLC endorsed bringing the recommendations to IAC for feedback and informing the Faculty Council about them.

Strategy Development for LinC
Karen Borglum, assistant vice president, curriculum and assessment, presented the LLC with suggested strategies for the Learning in Community (LinC) Initiative. For a list of recommended strategies, click here. The LLC endorsed the team to move forward with the strategies.

AIR Process Review
Karen also provided the Council with recommendations from a team that was commissioned by the LLC to discuss the Academic Initiative Review (AIR) process that was administered for LinC. Suggestions for process improvement include shifting the role of the initiative review member, using Tableau for data sharing, making collegewide announcements to share the work, ensuring the implementation of strategies is taken seriously and developing a strategy development chart to ensure work is being carried out. The LLC endorsed the recommendation to complete the next AIR on the Supplemental Learning (SL) initiative. The next steps will be to bring a budget request to Senior Team requesting funding to complete the review and to select a co-chair and members for the review team.

Essential Competencies of a Valencia Educator
Celine Kavalec, faculty director, TLA, and Carl Creasman, professor of history, presented the proposed revisions to the Essential Competencies of a Valencia Educator. The LLC endorsed the revisions, noting that further discussion needs to take place on TVCA. This discussion will be placed on the January LLC agenda.

The next Learning Leadership Council meeting will be held on Wednesday, January 20, 2016, from 2 – 5 p.m. at the Lake Nona Campus in Room 148.

For more information on the Learning Leadership Council, click here.

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