LifeMap 2.0: Meet Our New Program Advisors


Left to right: Ed Holmes, Michele Infante, Courtney Demings, Ellen Rendle, Teresa Higginbotham, Mia Čančarević, Gabrielle Younker, Mary Asbury, Micheline Maalouf, Eliana Drupiewski, Chauntel Copeland, Lynn Desjarlais, Lateshia Martin, Maritza Gaviria, Lila Rogers, Gerardo Otero Soto, Celena Lue, Tina Crane, Evelyn Lora-Santos, Eva Alipieva, and John Britt

A message from Joyce Romano, Vice President, Student Affairs

LifeMap 2.0 became a reality on Monday, January 4, 2016, when 16 new program advisors began their work that focuses on personal connection and intentional advising with assigned Associate in Arts students, based on meta majors.

LifeMap 2.0 was conceived three years ago as part of the Student Success Pathway developed during our Quality Enhancement Plan development. The “2.0” part recognizes that while LifeMap provides a comprehensive system of career and educational planning, the personal connection that Associate in Science students have through their assigned career program advisors was missing for the Associate in Arts students.

The implementation of meta majors two years ago provides an insight into students’ transfer plans and an alignment for advisors, faculty and deans to make intentional connections with students around disciplines in those meta majors. Student Affairs and campus leadership teams selected the meta majors’ focus on each campus for the first set of program advisors based off data on students in meta majors and campus academic priorities. LifeMap 2.0 proposes additional program advisors over the next two years in order for each AA student to have a personal connection at an optimal ratio of 500 students for each advisor.


To support the College’s initiative toward LifeMap 2.0 implementation, two assistant directors of advising joined the Student Affairs team on the East and West campuses in January 2016, Celena Lue (East) and Lynn Desjarlais (West). Under the direction of the East and West campus directors of advising, the new assistant directors will provide support in developing professional practices for Associate in Arts advisors that will focus on establishing personal connections and provide students with a more intentional advising experience, building upon the work that has already been developed by the Associate in Science career program advisors.

“I am very excited to have our new assistant directors of advising on board,” shared West Campus Director, Advising Ed Holmes. “Their addition to the team will create a greater ability to fine tune the progression of our LifeMap 2.0 advising model, including the integration of new technologies, the development of advising curriculum and a plan to assess the effectiveness of advising.”

East Campus Director, Advising Evelyn Lora-Santos added, “The new assistant directors will be vital to the implementation of the LifeMap 2.0 model. We’re very excited to have Celena and Lynn join us as we continue to expand the ways in which we reach, engage and service our students.”

During the hiring process to discover our team of program advisors, candidates were informed that this was an opportunity to work as a team in the development of professional practices and work closely with deans, faculty and staff to strategically establish the Six Ps (place, purpose, pathway, plan, preparation and personal connection) with students, focusing on the importance of a personal connection with an advisor who will help students navigate their educational pathway and develop a plan for successful completion.

The new program advisors have been participating in professional development, designed and led by the directors and assistant directors of advising, to develop these professional practices, integrate technology, design an assessment plan and share best practices for continuous improvement. We are excited about the possibilities to dramatically increase student success through this addition to LifeMap and the Student Success Pathway.

Coordinator, program advisors include:

East Campus
Eva Alipieva – Business
Chauntel Copeland – Business
Tina Crane – Pending Allied Health
Michele Infante – Arts and Entertainment
Micheline Maalouf – Education, Psychology and Social Sciences
Gabrielle Younker – Pre-Professional Health

Osceola and Lake Nona Campuses
Mary Asbury – Social and Behavioral Sciences and Human Services
Maritza Gaviria – Business
Teresa Higginbotham – Health Sciences and Pre-Allied Health

West Campus
Mia Čančarević – Architecture, Arts, Humanities and Communication
Courtney Demings – Engineering, Computer Science and Information Technology
Eliana Drupiewski – Health Sciences and Pre-Allied Health
Lateshia Martin – Pre-Professional Health Program Advisor
Ellen Rendle – Social and Behavioral Sciences and Human Services
Lila Rogers – Business

Winter Park
Gerardo Ortero Soto – Pending Allied Health

To read more about the LifeMap 2.0 assistant directors and advisors, click here.

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