Maguire Endowed Chair in Mathematics Rewards Part-time Math Faculty

Thursday, August 6, 2020

A Message from Wendy Givoglu, Interim President, East and Winter Park Campuses

This year, the Maguire Endowed Chair in Mathematics was used to reward part-time mathematics faculty in the East Region. To qualify, faculty were required to submit a professional teaching portfolio to be judged by a panel of tenured faculty, including one faculty member from each campus.

All portfolios submitted by faculty included a professional teaching philosophy, a description of their best teaching practice (one classroom technique of which they were especially proud), a reflection on their student feedback of instruction and a description of a need in their teaching or classroom practice with a plan on how to address that need.

Awards were given in each category and then the overall portfolio awards (best, second, third and fourth) were based on overall rankings (cumulative totals) of the categories listed above.

The portfolio winners are:

  • Best Portfolio – Eve Gassman (East Campus)
  • Second Place – Chelsea Myers (Winter Park Campus)
  • Third Place – Huy Nguyen (East Campus)
  • Fourth Place – Liudmila Kashirskaya (East Campus)

Winners of specific categories include:

  • Best Teaching Philosophy – Eve Gassman and Chelsea Myers
  • Best Teaching Practice – Eve Gassman
  • Best Student Evaluation Reflection – Eve Gassman
  • Best Description of a Need in the Teaching Practice – Eve Gassman

Professor of Mathematics Sidra Van De Car facilitated the Endowed Chair and said, “I was overwhelmed with the care and dedication displayed by our part-time faculty. Not only did these outstanding professors engage in over 20 hours of professional development to help them craft amazing teaching portfolios, they described experiences inside their classrooms that show they are truly devoted to creating the best experience they can for their students. I feel honored to have colleagues so devoted to life-long learning and inclusive teaching practices. The effort these professors put into their teaching practice clearly illustrates why Valencia is the best place for students to start.”


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