Managing Smart: Shaun Andrews Showcases the Importance of Appreciation

A little appreciation goes a long way, which is why Managing Director of Plant Operations Shaun Andrews recently took the time to appreciate his team — both in a tangible and intangible way.

Looking to garner appreciation and understanding for what his team does, Shaun donned a uniform and joined the night shift custodians at East, Osceola and West Campuses on Tuesday, April 17, Wednesday, April 18, and Thursday, April 19, 2018, to learn about their roles and contribute to the team in a hands-on way.

“They are an amazing group of hard-working individuals that are professional and passionate, and I have utmost respect for what they are able to accomplish every evening,” Shaun said. “I was able to experience event setups, office cleaning, restroom cleaning, common area cleaning, floor polishing, floor mopping, etc. Definitely sore for a few days afterward.”

Working alongside his staff also gave Shaun the opportunity to learn more about them.

“Most importantly, I was able to spend some quality time with the team members to talk about life and any work-related issues that they may have,” he said. “Issues are minimal and department leadership is doing a great job of creating a family atmosphere.”

Having greatly enjoyed the experience, Custodial Working Supervisor Carmela Cortez commented, “It was a great experience working with our director, Shaun Andrews. We got a chance to work with Shaun, and we enjoyed how he perceives and learned about our job. He even wore our custodian uniform so we could feel comfortable working with him, and he worked hard that day until midnight. The most enjoyable part about this experience with Shaun Andrews is knowing that he is happy with our hard work and that he understands that custodian jobs are not that easy. We make a difference in the lives of students daily, and we look after students in a variety of ways. We are proud to show him we work hard toward the same goal.”

Beyond showing appreciation by participating in evening duties, Shaun also provided tangible appreciation by bringing in pizza for the team as a thank you for their hard work. They dined together during the night-shift lunch hour, which is at 8 p.m.

Shaun’s experience exemplifies the importance of taking time to appreciate your team, whether that means joining them in the trenches or recognizing their efforts through more tangible awards (pizza works great, just ask Shaun).

For more ideas on appreciation and recognition, click here.

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    This is awesome! Great job everyone. 🙂

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