March 2015 Kudos

Week of March 22- 28, 2015

Procurement Staff’s Superb Efforts Result in Escalator Rebate for Valencia

diane-josh-rebate-270wThe procurement department would like to recognize and thank Diane Fahr, director of financial services, and Josh Grossman, accounts payable coordinator, for their outstanding customer service.

Diane and Josh have consistently made sure that the timing of payments to J.P. Morgan Chase’s PaymentNet, the College’s commercial purchasing card program, were accelerated, which enabled the College to receive an escalator rebate of $9,919.22 during FY 2014.

“The procurement department creates a download weekly to pull in the credit card transaction for the week. Once the downloads are reconciled with the trial balance, I have an opportunity to pay what we owe,” explained Diane. “Like most credit card programs, the payment is due monthly. However, if we pay bi-monthly or more often, then we get a larger rebate.”

Annmarie Wise Promoted to Procurement Coordinator

annmarie-wise-groveA message from Rhonda Ulmer, Managing Director of Procurement

We are pleased to announce that Annmarie Wise has been promoted to procurement coordinator, P-card administrator.

Annmarie began her career with the College in the procurement department as purchasing agent in 2003. She was awarded the Buyer of the Year award by the Florida Minority Supplier Development Council in 2008 and completed her Bachelor of Science degree at Florida Southern College in 2014.

As the procurement coordinator, Annmarie will manage the operations of the P-Card Program, administration of highly-technical solicitations and contract administration.

Please join us in congratulating Annmarie in her new role.

Week of March 15 – 21, 2015

American College of Cardiology Publication to Feature Kelly Moore’s Medical Illustrations

kelly-moore-illustrations-collage-groveThree medical illustrations by Professor of Biology Kelly Moore will be included in a book for the American College of Cardiology in commemoration of the organization’s 65th anniversary.

A Message from Falecia Williams, President, West Campus

When Valencia College Biology Professor Kelly Moore was about 12 years old, he learned that he had an anatomical variation that was the cause of a serious medical emergency. The surgeon at the time drew a picture to help him understand the problem and what he planned to do to correct it. The experience and memory of it proved to be consequential and would set Kelly on an academic and career path.

Kelly studied both art and biology through high school and college. In graduate school, he earned a Master of Associated Medical Sciences (M.A.M.S.) in biomedical visualization degree, from the University of Illinois at Chicago, the highest degree available of its kind in North America, and later became a Board Certified Medical Illustrator (CMI) by the Association of Medical Illustrators. He practiced full-time for about five years where he produced medical illustrations for medical journals and trial attorneys for use in litigation.

Those skills brought him to the attention of the American College of Cardiology (ACC). In commemoration of the organization’s 65th anniversary, three of Kelly’s medical illustrations will be featured in a book tentatively titled, “The Past is Prologue: The American College of Cardiology: 65 Years of Cardiovascular Innovation.”

Kelly’s work came to the attention of the ACC by way of the textbook company that was writing the ACC book, for whom he had previously completed some illustrations, who thought his work would be a nice complement to the association’s book on the history of cardiology.

“I was very excited to learn that my illustrations would be archived this way, and I hope to find some time soon to illustrate another book,” said Kelly, who shared that the process for producing the drawings is painstakingly involved. “I usually start researching the topic for quite a while even before I draw a basic sketch. Once I am certain about the content, then I scan the sketch into a computer file where I can paint and enhance the image with the tools in Adobe Photoshop,” he said.

Kelly frequently uses his illustrations when instructing Valencia students.

cervicalfusion-grove“Detailed representations are the next best thing to concrete experiences, and accurate illustrations can make the difference when a person is trying to learn abstract concepts,” Kelly explained. “Showing my students medical illustrations from actual cases involving injuries or surgeries allows them to apply what they are learning.”

According to Kelly, this also makes learning more interesting and memorable, thereby enhancing the teaching and learning experience.

“Learning anatomy and physiology takes time, and students should try to understand the relationships and functions between the different body systems and organs and instead of trying to just memorize everything,” he concluded.

School of Public Safety Recruit’s Fast Thinking Saves Life


On January 26, 2015, Daniel Strange, a law enforcement recruit at the School of Public Safety, received the City of Winter Park Fire Chief’s Civilian Award of Merit.

Daniel was commended by Winter Park Fire Chief Jim White and Mayor Kenneth Bradley, along with two other men, for coming to the aid of Raymond Blackwell, a long-time member of the Winter Park YMCA, who suffered cardiac arrest while at the “Y” on September 4, 2014.

Daniel, who was then employed at the “Y,” along with two colleagues, simultaneously performed CPR, cardiopulmonary resuscitation, while using an AED, automated external defibrillator, thereby saving Raymond’s life.

Blackwell recounted his story for the Orlando Sentinel, saying, “Without their knowledge of what they were doing, I wouldn’t be here today. They truly were lifesavers.”

Jack Rogers Named “Highly Honored” by Nature’s Best Photography Magazine

Nature’s Best Photography magazine is pleased to announce East Campus Geology Professor Jack Rogers as one of the “Highly Honored” winning photographers of the 2014 Windland Smith Rice International Awards.

The top winners are displayed as large-format prints in the annual exhibition at the Smithsonian’s National Museum of Natural History in Washington, DC. Jack’s photograph even made headlines as one of the Nature’s Best Photography magazine’s cover shots. Each photograph is judged on technical quality, originality and artistic merit.

In partnership with the Smithsonian’s National Museum of Natural History, the winners of each photographic category and a selection of the highly honored images from the Windland Smith Rice International Awards are displayed to millions of visitors. These popular print exhibitions are accompanied by HD videos on large-screen TVs.

Week of March 1 – 7, 2015

Global Citizen Program Named Winner of the Innovation of the Year Competition

innovation-of-the-year-winners-2015-groveLeft to right: Susan Dunn, Linda Firmani, Jean Marie Fuhrman, Suzette Dohany, Valerie Woldman, Cate McGowan and Kera Coyer

Congratulations to the Global Citizen Program team on its selection as Valencia’s winner of the Innovation of the Year Awards Competition. The program was selected by a representative group of peers and has been submitted to the League for Innovation in the Community College for national recognition.

Team members include:

Kera Coyer, Academic Advisor, Winter Park
Suzette Dohany, Professor of Speech, Winter Park
Susan Dunn, Manager of Credit Programs, Winter Park
Linda Firmani, Counselor, Winter Park
Jean Marie Fuhrman, Professor of Reading, Winter Park
Cate McGowan, Professor of English, Winter Park
Valerie Woldman, Professor of Humanities, Winter Park

The inter-disciplinary team helped to integrate an international component, either as an embedded unit, an assignment or both, in their classes so that all courses in the Honors Jeffersonian Track will have an internationalized component.

“The Global Citizen Program is a Jeffersonian Honors track of the James M. and Dayle L. Seneff Honors College and a unique concept at Valencia College that can be easily replicated at other colleges,” explained Suzette Dohany.

The program has a unique partnership with Valencia’s sister college, Koning Willem I College, in the Netherlands, and provides an exceptional opportunity for the students in the program to step outside of their comfort zones by getting involved directly and personally in the lives of others living thousands of miles away.

“Indeed, a new ‘ICE Age’ is coming: the age of innovation, creativity and entrepreneurship on both local and global scales,” Suzette declared. “At the heart of the program are the students, complete with their needs and circumstances; and as the world becomes smaller through technology and travel, it is increasingly important to develop international understanding in students.”

The recipients will have the opportunity to present at the League for Innovation in the Community College 2016 Innovations Conference.

Click here for more information about the Global Citizen Program.

Click here for more information about the Innovation of the Year Competition.

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