May Procurement News

 Week of May 21st-25th

Changes of P-Card Approvers/Supervisors/Budget Managers
Please remember to update and submit the appropriate P-Card forms if any changes have recently occurred in your office. For example, if you began reporting to a new supervisor or budget manager, you need to update the P-Card Application, or if your P-Card approver has recently changed, you need to update the P-Card Agreement form.

These forms can be downloaded from the procurement website. For questions please contact Janet Vivian, P-Card administrative coordinator, at or at extension 1974.


Updated “What Account Code Do I Use”?
A new account list has been updated, and includes examples of vendors for the account codes used most often. Please click here to download this PDF file from the procurement website and use it as a reference when determining the correct account code to use.



Week of May 14th – 18th

Toner Cartridge Vendor Issues
Your Procurement folks are always looking for dependable, competitive, customer service vendors to help fulfill your needs in a timely manner. Recently we have been experiencing some billing issues with one or more of our printer toner cartridge suppliers. Therefore, we have removed them from our preferred vendor list and have added some new folks to the mix, including our own Bookstore. Our preferred vendor list for printer toner cartridges can be found on the procurement website and are included below:Please let us know if you are having issues with any of our vendors. As is the case with our toner cartridges, there are plenty of suppliers out there who do want our business.


P-Card Transactions and Downloads
Every Wednesday at noon, the P-Card administrative coordinator downloads all the transactions from the previous week, regardless of any unresolved issues. But before our office can do our part, the cardholder and approver must review and approve their transactions.

Transactions downloading on Wednesday will only be transactions that have POSTED to PaymentNet from the previous Friday. Therefore, on Monday when you arrive at work, all your transactions that will download on Wednesday are in your queue. Additional transactions may pop up, but they will be downloaded the next Wednesday.

Suggestions from a recent P-Card User Group Meeting recommended that ALL cardholders should review their transactions by close of business on Monday. ALL card coordinators (approvers) should approve those transactions by 5:00 p.m. on Tuesday. This will leave Wednesday morning for Procurement to review ALL transactions, notify cardholders of any changes and download at noon.

If a cardholder uses their P-Card on a daily basis, it is recommended to review your transactions daily while they are fresh in your mind. The sooner you review and forward your receipt to your approver, the less stress and fewer mistakes will happen when the deadline approaches.


P-Card and Travel Arrangements
Even if you do not have a P-Card, travel arrangements can be made for you by your supporting staff using their P-Card. Travel arrangements can include: Event registration, hotel rooms, parking, and transportation between your airport and hotel.

P-Cards cannot be used for meals, as this expense is reimbursed as a per diem. Also not included or charged to the college is travel insurance (the exception is SAGE international travel), early check in, business/first class upgrades, optional seating fees, head sets, or any other personal preference that is not a required fee. Baggage fees will be reimbursed. Read more about this in College Operations Council Changes Travel Reimbursements Procedure.

Hotel registrations or deposits should only be for a one-night stay. Additional night stays will be charged at check out. If the traveler does not have a P-Card, then their support staff can call the hotel five to seven days prior to the trip and request a Credit Card Authorization form to complete and return to the hotel. The charges for the hotel will then go on the college credit card. No personal charges should be charged to the college card. Other methods of payment can include: reimbursement to personal credit card or a check request in advance for payment to the hotel. A Supplier Business Profile and W-9 form from the hotel will be required in order for a check to be cut.


 Week of May 7th – 11th

P-Card Desk Audits Resume
With the hiring of our new P-Card Administrative Coordinator Janet Vivian, P-Card desk audits will resume for all cardholders and approvers. Audits, which typically occur continuously throughout the year, were on hold temporarily until the new P-Card administrator was hired.

Audits can last anywhere from 20 minutes to 90 minutes, and are an excellent learning tool and opportunity for one-on-one communication. Any questions regarding desk audits should be directed to Janet Vivian at or at extension 1974.


Week of April 30th – May 4th

Purchasing Forms
The current purchasing forms, including P-Card forms, can be found on the Valencia Procurement web-site or in Atlas under Valencia forms. Please use the latest version of each form listed below, as they include the necessary information:

  • Supplier Business Profile, 4-2012, Web-site
  • Pcard Application Ver 3.5, Web-site
  • Pcard Agreement Ver 2.4, Web-site
  • Pcard Maintenance Form Ver 1.7, Web-site & Atlas
  • Pcard Receipt Exception Form Ver 4.2, Web-site & Atlas


End of Fiscal Year Approaching
June 30 is just around the corner! Here are some things to keep in mind as we get closer to that date:

  • Only order printer toner cartridges that will be used within one month after ordering.  Our vendors do not guarantee any warranty after 30 days.
  • Awards/plaques for students or staff are not permitted to purchase using Fund 1 monies.
  • Food/drinks for students or staff are not permitted to purchase using Fund 1 monies (exception is designated hospitality funds).
  • Copier overage will only be charged in mid-May for any overage that resulted in the month of April.
  • Check your available funds in FGIBAVL prior to the Wednesday P-Card download in order to ensure proper funding.
  • In order for an expenditure to be charged to fiscal year 2011-12, all items ordered must be received no later than June 30, 2012 and an invoice, signed by the budget manager or designee, authorizing payment submitted to the Accounts Payable department (DTC-3) by July 9.  Please note that payment will not be processed from “pro-forma” invoices.
  • Do not hold back FY1112 invoices for next year’s budget.
  • Start reviewing open purchase orders in your department to ensure they are still needed. (Refer to Instructions for Running Banner Open Encumbrance Report in the Atlas Finance tab underFinance User Resources section, Other Category). Beginning May 14, any Fund 1 purchase orders that originated in the previous fiscal year and have not had invoices applied since January 1, 2012 will be closed, unless Procurement is notified to keep the purchase order open through emailing Please include the purchase order number, vendor name, and date you expect to make the final payment. Remember purchase orders carried over to fiscal year 2012-13 will be deducted from that year’s available budget.

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