May Supervisor Summit Addressed Engaging Teams Through Feedback

Thursday, June 18, 2020

On Friday, May 22, 2020,  more than 180 supervisors joined the the Employee Development team for a special Supervisor Summit on Engaging Your Teams Through Feedback.

Amy Bosley, vice president, organizational development and human resources, and Carla McKnight, assistant vice president, organizational development, shared information on Valencia College’s summer hours and a reminder to ensure all hours worked are being documented by non-exempt employees. They also introduced exciting new development opportunities on the horizon, including the Supervisor Summer Series. College President Sandy Shugart then shared a few words with the Valencia family regarding the importance of stress management and taking time away from work to recharge.

Chanda Postell, assistant director, organizational development and human resources, then discussed engagement and its relationship with performance. She presented various levels of engagement, ranging from creative excitement to rebellious. We learned that how we choose to interact with our employees can have a significant impact on employee engagement. Regular one-on-one meetings are the key to assessing where your employees are on the scale of engagement and supporting them appropriately. Supervisors shared the questions they asked to their teams to make sure they are connecting, drawing out any issues or interests and finding solutions for moving forward. Supervisors suggested asking the following questions to team members:

Leverage opportunities to connect:

  • Do you have any fun plans coming up?
  • How are you and your family doing lately?
  • How is home-schooling?
  • Are you reading any good books lately?

Draw out employee issues or interests:

  • What are you most concerned about?
  • Where do you feel we should be focusing more of our time?
  • Is there anything that you would like me to do more of?

Find Solutions:

  • Do you have any ideas on how you want to solve that issue?
  • What resources do you need to help accomplish your goal?

Next, Trisha Whitmire, assistant director, equal opportunity, showed us the value of providing feedback, which includes increases in engagement, performance, retention and overall employee growth. In a remote setting, feedback may look and feel different, and special attention to which medium of communication you’re using should be given based on the nature of the subject.

Additionally, supervisors were provided the “SBI model,” and teams had the opportunity to practice the model with given scenarios. They were asked to identify the situation, behavior, intent and impact of each scenario, in order to clearly provide feedback to their employee.

For specific information on the session, review the Summit presentation.

Looking for more? Take a look at some supplemental resources below:

What’s Next?

The Employee Development Team invites you for another exciting Supervisor Summit via Zoom on Friday, July 17, 2020,  from 9 – 10:30 a.m. Check your email for an Outlook Calendar appointment with more information. If you haven’t received the invitation, email Organizational Development at

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