Medical Pipeline Coming to Valencia

A message from Dr. Kathleen Plinske, Campus President, Osceola and Lake Nona

On Thursday, July 18, a group of rising high school juniors will come to Valencia to learn about a variety of careers in the medical field and how a degree or coursework in math, science and technology would help them prepare for their chosen field.  The group is participating in a Health Leaders Summer Academy, a two-week program that is part of the “Medical Pipeline” project in which Valencia is partnering with the Education Foundation of Osceola County, UCF’s College of Medicine, Junior Achievement, Celebration Health, Florida Hospital-Kissimmee, and St. Cloud Regional Medical Center.

The program includes a comprehensive curriculum created in partnership with the UCF College of Medicine that provides students the opportunity to learn about the diversity of possible careers in the medical field. Students spent the last week on UCF’s main campus interacting with faculty and working in the labs. During this upcoming week, students will tour local hospitals and the Osceola Campus to explore different medical career options, as well as our science labs and degree options.

In addition to this two-week program, the Medical Pipeline project also presented a one-day Careers Experience Day for middle and high school students that included a tour of Florida Hospital and meet-and-greets with a number of medical professionals.

We’re proud to partner with the Education Foundation, UCF, Junior Achievement and our local hospitals to offer these opportunities to students in Osceola County.  There is a tremendous amount of energy building in the county to encourage students to pursue higher education, and efforts such as the Medical Pipeline project will help ensure that students arrive at Valencia with a passion for learning.

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