Meet Your East Campus Faculty Assembly President

A Message from Stacey Johnson, President, East and Winter Park Campuses

A proven educator and life-long learner, Professor of Student Life Skills Anna Saintil is the new leader of the East Campus Faculty Assembly for 2017-18. Teaching student life skills and education at the college since August 2001, she earned her bachelor’s degree in business administration with a concentration in marketing from Bethune Cookman University and master’s degree in education from the University of Central Florida.

At Valencia for almost 17 years, Anna has worn many hats in service to the College, including instruction, course development, program coordinator, professional development, club advisor and committee member. She says, “Each of these roles has afforded me the opportunity to immerse myself in Valencia’s academic culture and to gain a vast amount of institutional knowledge. These experiences have provided a platform for me to learn the narrative of our College and the stories of those it serves — including the faculty of East Campus.”

As the East Campus Faculty Assembly president, Anna strives to maintain the tradition of “Faculty Assembly as a supportive platform where collegial discourse is welcomed and ideas are generated.” She definitely appreciates the opportunity to have a legacy in this journey and shares, “My goal during this elected term is to foster shared responsibility within a collaborative atmosphere so that we may continue to fulfill our responsibilities to our profession, our students and our community.”

Anna’s academic areas of interest lay primarily in the field of education, diversity studies and conflict resolution. When Anna is not on campus, she enjoys spending time with family and her dogs and traveling.


  • Dr. Yasmeen Qadri said:

    Congratulations Anna, you earned this well deserved recognition!
    So proud of your accomplishments and wish you many more in the future.
    It is a privilege to know you and work with you in Teacher Education:)

    PMThu, 07 Dec 2017 21:28:32 +0000Thu, 07 Dec 2017 21:28:32 +0000pm17,9:28 pm

  • Deb Larew said:

    Congratulations Anna!
    Rarely is there an educator who cared more for students!

    AMFri, 08 Dec 2017 07:47:16 +0000Fri, 08 Dec 2017 07:47:16 +0000am17,7:47 am

  • Jocelyn said:


    I am very proud of your accomplishments!

    PMFri, 08 Dec 2017 14:39:38 +0000Fri, 08 Dec 2017 14:39:38 +0000pm17,2:39 pm

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