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resource-development-team-groveLeft to right: Lashon Henderson, Beverlee Andrews, Linda Sullivan, Kristeen Christian and Allie Yadav

The resource development team garners external funding to support the College’s mission, innovation and “big ideas.” Meet the team members who “show us the money” — and the results — in countless projects and initiatives that support student success. In upcoming issues of The Juice, the team will share information on current funding opportunities and how to apply, as well as tips on grant management. The Resource Development Office is based on East Campus in Building 6, Room 117.

Kristeen Christian, Assistant Vice President, Resource Development

Kristeen Christian works collaboratively with College employees to design, maintain, support and execute effective grants development and management systems while cultivating relationships with funding streams and decision makers to garner external funding for the College. She also provides oversight to the grant management activities to ensure that Valencia is in compliance with all funding agency requirements.

“Resource development is more than writing grant proposals or managing grants. It is really about building and sustaining relationships both within the College and beyond,” says Kristeen. “Bringing people together to solve real issues for College students and staff, building meaningful working relationships and, of course, the winning of proposals and successfully managing grants we receive are the job’s rewards.”

Kristeen is a member of the American Association of Women in Community Colleges and the Association of Florida Colleges. She has recently taken the position of federal liaison for the Council of Resource Development and is also a member of the organization’s Federal Funding Task Force.

Kristeen, who has been with Valencia since 2012, holds a Master of Science in administrative leadership and administration from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. Her undergrad work was in education and she received a Bachelor of Science in education from Marian University. She is a Chair Academy and Dale Carnegie graduate and a Technology of Participation (T.o.P.) trained facilitator.

Beverlee Andrews, Manager, Grants Development and Special Projects

Beverlee Andrews assists the College with securing resources to support its strategic plan to ensure student success. She does so by facilitating conversations with faculty and staff to create a viable implementation plan based on identified needs.

“Watching how a grant project idea evolves to become a dynamic, effective, sustainable action that impacts student opportunity and success is quite meaningful. Naturally, winning a grant award has its personal rewards for the department, as the applications are often very challenging,” she said.

Beverlee has worked at Valencia for 19 years and has held two positions: from 1998 – 2008, she was coordinator, tech prep articulation and postsecondary transition, and since 2008, has served in her current capacity.

She is one of the founding representatives of Valencia’s professional staff leadership team. On the community front, Beverlee joins her team members who each volunteer for United Way Day of Caring each year.

Beverlee has a Master of Education in curriculum and instruction from Florida Atlantic University and has participated in grantsmanship training and Technology of Participation (T.o.P.) facilitation methods training.

Allie Yadav, Manager, Grants Development and Special Projects

“Every grant project is different, so I’m able to work with a variety of people and departments on projects ranging from transfer student advising to increasing the participation of women in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) programs,” says Allie Yadav, manager, grants development and special projects. “I learn something new with each project and get to be part of the brainstorming process with creative, intelligent, visionary thinkers from across the College who seek ways to enhance our students’ experiences and increase their success through grant funded projects.”

Allie works with faculty, staff and administrators to craft project ideas into viable, competitive proposals eligible for grant funding from federal, state, local and private agencies. She is inspired by her colleagues who will carve time in their busy schedules to develop a grant proposal, because they think it will help students.

Allie recently completed PIVOT 180, which proved to be a valuable learning experience. She serves on the Council for Resource Development’s Federal Funding Task Force.

Allie has served as manager, grants development and special projects since 2011. She has a Bachelor of Arts in English with a minor in Spanish from the University of Florida, and a Master of Public Administration from Florida State University.

Lashon Henderson, Manager Grants Administration and Development

“My accountability to the College at large is my goal is to ensure compliance with grant requirements and successful project outcomes,” says Lashon Henderson.

Lashon, who has served as manager, grants administration and development for two and a half years, accomplishes her role by staying abreast of rules and regulations of the funder and the College, especially with federal grants, by working closely with the project director to follow project timelines to ensure that each activity is accomplished and by troubleshooting solutions should obstacles arise.

“Having a grants manager means that a project director is never alone when working on a grant and always has a supporter and collaborator to help them manage their grant,” she said.

Lashon received a Bachelor of Arts degree from Florida State University in psychology and a master’s degree in counseling from Webster University. She looks forward to becoming certified in grants management in fall 2015.

Linda Sullivan, Administrative Assistant, Resource Development

Linda Sullivan provides administrative support, meeting all the needs of managing the resource development office by assisting its team members.

“My job’s rewards are the accomplishments achieved through RDO that lead to enhancing the College experience for Valencia students,” she said. Linda has been employed at Valencia since 2013.

Linda holds a bachelor’s degree in organizational management from Ashford University and an associate degree in paralegal studies from Everest University. Linda looks forward to becoming involved with the Career Staff Association.

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    Kudos to Kris and her department! They have made tremendous changes in the college's resource development program and as a result have been very successful at securing grants to fund programs in support of student access and success. Everyone on the team is hardworking and dedicated! Great team to!!

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