New Mail Codes for District Office

A message from Sal Navarro, Courier Services Manager


The Organizational Development and Human Resources Division is now located at the district office and has a new mail code. All mail for human resources should be addressed as follows:

Human Resources DO-21

New mail codes have been assigned to departments that have moved to the district office building. All mail codes for the new building will start with DO for the district office, followed by the corresponding floor number.

When addressing your mail, please verify mail codes by checking the phone directory and Outlook to ensure timely delivery.

Click here for a list of updated department mail codes.

For those who have moved, please be sure to update your mail code in Atlas:

To change your mail code:

  • Log into your Atlas account
  • Click on the “Employees” tab.
  • By “Address(es) and Phone(s),” click on “Update”
  • Under “Employee/Campus Mail Location,” click on “Current”
  • Follow the instructions provided on the Web page
  • Once updated, click on “Submit”
  • This will update Outlook and the phone directory

For more information, contact Sal Navarro, courier services manager, at or at extension 1755.

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