New Vision of Shared Governance Takes Shape at Redesign Retreat

Representatives from each Valencia campus and employee group met on Thursday, July 11, and Friday, July 12 at the West Campus collaborative design center, to develop design options that will update and improve the college’s shared governance system. The current governance system was examined in a thorough review in 2011  and the recommendations from that review formed the basis of the creative process that was used in this year’s redesign retreat.

A total of 31 faculty and staff members worked on a team with Mary Tomlinson, who is with On-Purpose Partners. The group explored results from a pre-survey about what is and is not working in the current shared governance system, identified challenges created by decentralizing our work into stronger campus-based leadership, and articulated our values and vision for what shared governance contributes to the college. Rob McCaffrey, past-president of the collegewide faculty association, said, “I was surprised and pleased that such a diverse group demonstrated similar values and principles on the questions surrounding governance.” Participants also worked collaboratively to develop definitions for key terms including collaboration, engagement, representative, accountability, governance and effective communication.

After establishing a strong foundation of shared definitions, values, vision, and including the outcomes identified in the 2011 review (better decisions and greater trust), four teams spent several hours creating new models and processes for governance at the college. Models ranged from revitalizing our current system to a full-scale redevelopment.

“I came into the meeting with trepidation for various reasons, but found my fears removed again and again with excellence from all participants of the work team.  Each person demonstrated a good faith effort to both deal with the issue of answering the concerns about our governance system, and protecting the good work that has been done through our shared system over the past years,” said Carl Creasman, history professor and vice-president of the collegewide faculty association.

In the weeks ahead, participants will continue to refine the work they started at the redesign retreat, and they will create a comprehensive report and recommendations for Valencia College President, Sandy Shugart.

Stay tuned to The Juice for updates about the process, recommendations and decisions.

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  • Sandy Shugart said:

    Thanks to all for this important work. The only way to assure collaborative governance is to design the system in collaboration and to continue to commit to the spirit of collaboration in its implementation. Both are evident ion your work so far. I look forward to receiving the recommendations.

    AMWed, 17 Jul 2013 08:13:57 +0000Wed, 17 Jul 2013 08:13:57 +0000am13,8:13 am

  • Karen Cowden said:

    Our work has been moved forward with the investment of all those who support our deep mission of learning and serving the community. I look forward to reading, and seeing, the opportunities for engagement with our adjunct faculty and our community partners in our next phase of excellence.

    AMWed, 02 Jul 2014 07:02:02 +0000Wed, 02 Jul 2014 07:02:02 +0000am14,7:02 am

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