New Year, New PDP Cycle: Time to Pre-Plan

The Performance Development Process (PDP) Pre-Planning phase runs from January through April and is a time intentionally established to assess your departmental needs, review budgets, and establish goals that outline your department’s work in the next fiscal year. Effective pre-planning will enable effective and meaningful conversations with employees as you establish individual development goals in the PDP process.

Follow the steps below to ensure an efficient Pre-Planning phase:

  1. Review the college strategic goals and campus plans, and think about major departmental projects or initiatives to be accomplished in the coming year.
  2. Develop department goals and budgets that are aligned with the strategic goals of the college wherever possible.
  3. Request input from your supervisor and solicit feedback from your team about the work ahead, possible training opportunities, and ways further improve the department.
  4. Think about how to align employees’ individual objectives with your department goals.

From preparing budgets to planning for major projects and formalizing department goals, the Pre-Planning phase is a critical part of the PDP cycle.

A variety of face-to-face workshops and online courses are offered through the Valencia EDGE to support you in this phase. Descriptions of each workshop listed below can be found in the Valencia EDGE catalog.

Face-to-Face Workshops: Setting Performance Expectations (Page 66), Coaching for Success (Page 65), and Essential of Leadership (Page 65).

Online Courses: Strategic Thinking (Page 39) and Initiating and Planning a Project (Page 75). If you would like additional support or have any questions about the PDP process, please contact Erin Tuttle extension 8257.

Featured Workshop for the PDP Pre-Planning Phase
Planning for Work Success

Date: February 13, 2013
Time: 8:30 a.m. – 12:30 p.m.
Location: CJI, Room 143

Workshop Description: Employees’ jobs change based on department and organizational need. Supervisors are managing more interruptions, and specialization is being challenged by other tasks. Technology changes mean that employees now manage their own communication. It’s easy to lose sight of bigger goals, get bogged down, or become confused by competing priorities. Planning and time management are the keys to your success.

Please register for these courses through the Valencia EDGE. For assistance with registration please contact Irenea Walker at or at extension 8232.

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