Nursing Students and Faculty Assist With Vaccination Effort

Wednesday, May 12, 2021

A Message from Terri Graham, Interim President, West and Downtown Campuses

Valencia College nursing students and faculty are doing their part to help local efforts to get as many Floridians vaccinated as quickly as possible.

Between Tuesday, April 20 and Tuesday, May 4, 2021, 42 nursing students and nine faculty members helped the Orange County Health Department (OCHD) administer 650 doses of the COVID vaccine at one of its Vaccination Point of Dispersal (VPOD) units, located at the Orange County Convention Center. The site is currently being used as a drive-through mass vaccination center.

“We are very proud of our nursing program and tradition. This pandemic has impacted and changed some aspects of our education but to know that our students are helping to eradicate this disease is heartwarming,” said Mike Hilliard, simulation coordinator, School of Nursing and School of Allied Health.

Besides administering vaccines, Valencia’s team helped scan participant’s registration tags and walked residents through certain medical prompts.

“All of this is both time consuming and labor intensive,” said Mike. “But we are helping ease the burden on the OCHD.”

Faculty who participated in the effort include Mayra Borrero Cuevas, professor, nursing; Irene Brassard, part-time faculty, clinical; Karina Delerme, part-time faculty, clinical; Kym Moore, part-time faculty, clinical; Melissa Power, professor, nursing; Allison Skilton, part-time faculty, clinical; Mercy Tangonan, part-time faculty, clinical; Haydee Young, part-time faculty, clinical; and Krystal Zamora, part-time faculty, clinical.

The 42 participating students include: Stephanie Abreu, Kyiana Baillie, Jomai Banzon, Kimberly Beldelli, Tracey Bien Aime, Jacksean Bodden, Kristina Burt, Daysha Cardona, Emma Carsello, Nykeadra Cooper, Sylvia Cruz, Leah Darlak, Anastasia Gorham, Andrew Hammaker, Teresa Flannery Schulz, Keila Francisco, Yvette Frias, James Garcia, Ruby Gerena Carreras, Francisco Gonzalez, Lisa Gregor, Estefania Groppuso, Jherdaine James, Magdalyn Kocap, Melissa Lopez Gonzalez, Erin McClellan, Nicolle Mercado, Michelle Mora, Sancha Myrie, Nicholas Ragusa, Brenda Ramos, Sarah Ramsammy, Joylen Rivera, Lori Rodriguez, Susan Rodriguez, Thomas Scott, Nichole Spade, Djanika Sylvain, Jason Vacher, Kelsey Teseniar, Janellie Vazquez and Yandre (Ana) Wilson.

Please take a moment to congratulate these members of the Valencia College family for helping their community in the comments below.

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  • Carol Traynor said:

    Thanks to our nursing faculty and students for helping our community.

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