October 2016 West Campus Center for Teaching/Learning Innovation Best Practices


Each month the West Campus Center for Teaching/Learning Innovation (CTLI) team highlights one topic of interest to our learning community in the West Campus Concentrate. We hope that you will find the information engaging and beneficial to your work in teaching and learning.

This month, we look at how to stay happy with a moving target. 

TED Talk Video: The happy secret to better work — Click here to view.

This month’s featured TED Talk video features Psychologist Shawn Achor’s argument that if you shape your lens then we can shape your reality.

In other words, if we train our brain to be positive, then our brains will work more successfully. Shawn also commented, “Not only does it make you happier, it turns on all of the learning centers in your brain, allowing you to adapt to the world in a different way.”

In summary, happiness is everything.ctli-pull-quote-achor-grove

Featured Video: Julie Montione

Julie Montione, professor, humanities, is featured in the video above. Julie exemplifies a professor who constantly changes the goalpost of success and adapts her curriculum to the needs of her students and community while using the resources and guidance from the instructional designers at the CTLI. The video also features clips of Julie facilitating her world views and religion fair, which was held during Global Peace Week.

If you want to explore new ways in changing the goalpost of success inside and outside the classroom and would love some assistance, then talk to one of the instructional designers in the CTLI.

Resources from the Web

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Professional Development Library Resources (Available in the Center for Teaching/Learning Innovation)

Nilson, L. B. (2010). Teaching at its best: A research-based resource for college instructors. John Wiley & Sons.

Pink, D. H. (2011). Drive: The surprising truth about what motivates us. Penguin.

Weimer, M. (2006). Enhancing Scholarly Work on Teaching and Learning: Professional Literature that Makes a Difference. Jossey-Bass, An Imprint of Wiley.

Upcoming Events and Professional Development

Listed below are faculty development courses that can assist you in evolving your curriculum.


For additional information or advice on engaging students in your classroom, contact or visit the Center for Teaching/Learning Innovation.

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