October 2019 Hellos and Goodbyes


Taylor Brown, lab supervisor, Poinciana Campus
Julian J. Byrd, business office specialist, East Campus
Jason H. Davis, international recruitment specialist, West Campus
Dafne Dionisi, staff assistant II, East Campus
Olympia L. Kelly, executive assistant, Lake Nona Campus
Tracy L. Pizzi, manager, library cataloging, West Campus
Christine M. Rodriguez-Rutkowski, lab supervisor, Lake Nona Campus
Krysta Sheogobind Galeano, student development program advisor, Osceola Campus
Briana K. Henderson, administrative assistant, East Campus
Sara M. Lake, staff assistant II, West Campus
Christina D. Savvidis, coordinator, program advisor, Lake Nona Campus
Stephanie L. St. John, staff assistant II, Lake Nona
Danielle R. Hossain, assistant director of student conduct, West Campus
Wallstein Joseph, student services advisor, West Campus
Bisukay D. Melendez Ramirez, staff assistant II, West Campus
Beatrix I. Stubbs, administrative assistant, West Campus
Jonathan R. Tillett, technical support specialist, Osceola Campus
David A. Conrad, security officer, West Campus
Karen M. Heine, coordinator advisor, East Campus
Kleber Saavedra, professor, economics, West Campus

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