October Is Cybersecurity Awareness Month — 10 Tips to Protect Yourself From Cybercrime

Tuesday, October 26, 2021

A Message from Patrick Criss, Director, Information Security Operations

There is no one single precaution that will protect you from cybercrime and hackers. It’s a combination of things you do and actions you take. Cybercriminals constantly find new opportunities and ways to gain access to your information. Practicing good personal cybersecurity will allow you to safely enjoy the conveniences and growing benefits of our connected world. Here are 10 ways to protect yourself from cybercrime:

  1. Keep in mind that you are a target to hackers.
  2. Perform regular software updates.
  3. Avoid phishing scams — beware of suspicious emails and phone calls.
  4. Practice good password management.
  5. Be careful what you click.
  6. Never leave devices unattended.
  7. Safeguard protected data.
  8. Use mobile devices safely.
  9. Install antivirus/anti-malware protection.
  10. Back up your data.

Additional resources are available via the Office of Information Technology (OIT) Knowledge Base to help you understand cybersecurity risks and how to protect your information and data at work and at home. You may also take advantage of the following courses in the Valencia EDGE.

If you have any questions, please contact the OIT Service Desk at oitservicedesk@valenciacollege.edu or by phone at 407-582-5555.

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