Office of Information Technology Delivers Outstanding Customer Support

Thursday, July 2, 2020

A Message from Wendy Givoglu, Interim President, East and Winter Park Campuses

The East Region Office of Information Technology (OIT) isn’t missing a beat during the pandemic. Due to COVID-19 and the transition to remote work, the OIT team has resolved more than 1,300 East Region tickets since the onset of Spring Break, beginning on Monday, March 9, 2020.

Additionally, they supported an uptick in Virtual Private Network (VPN) requests and rolled out the Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA), which is a security system that verifies a user’s identity with a second credential beyond a user’s password. This was introduced in the middle of May 2020 and is required of all Valencia employees.

OIT’s work has not just been in front of the computer screen and assisting Valencia employees. This team has aided in issuing more than 100 laptops to students throughout the East Region and helped facilitate the distribution of more than 1,000 student devices collegewide.

Lastly, classroom technology updates were completed as scheduled. Building/Rooms updated were: Building 4, Rooms 105, 147 and 149; Building 7, Room 125; and Building 8, Rooms 102, 105D, 219 and 220.

A special thanks to the OIT staff members who have been working during these unprecedented times:

  • Director of Campus Technology Services Keith Hill
  • IT Manager, Technical Services Melvin Moodie
  • Technical Support Specialists Joshua Chapkin, Steve Rukstalis, Steve Suarez, Nhan Vo, Fernando Gutierrez, Edward Livingston, Thomas Landrum, Marquis Davis and Mickeal Johnson


On a side note, Joshua Chapkin recently had an “incident” with his computer chair at home. With the added hours of working from home, and with the wear and tear during COVID-19, the chair finally “snapped.” Josh is well — only the chair was “injured.”


  • Laura Skelton said:

    East OIT is THE best!

    This team has always gone above and beyond since day one. I always tell new employees how great they are, and I try to make sure OIT know they are appreciatedl!

    This team has saved me from my tech issues many a time. Kind, profession, hardworking, I'm glad they are getting the recognition!

    PMThu, 02 Jul 2020 16:45:29 +0000Thu, 02 Jul 2020 16:45:29 +0000pm20,4:45 pm

  • Lauren Z said:

    THE BEST! So thankful for the entire OIT Team, a special shout-out to the one I bug the most – Steve R!

    PMFri, 03 Jul 2020 13:31:41 +0000Fri, 03 Jul 2020 13:31:41 +0000pm20,1:31 pm

  • Whitly H said:

    Thank you so much to the East OIT team! They've gone above and beyond in not only resolving my tech issues but occasionally checking in to make sure everything is running smoothly. You guys are appreciated and oh so valued!

    AMMon, 06 Jul 2020 09:06:39 +0000Mon, 06 Jul 2020 09:06:39 +0000am20,9:06 am

  • Saudia Y. said:

    Thank you East OIT team for all that you do! I know that I have asked for help many times and you all were always there to help ASAP!!! You are awesome!

    AMMon, 06 Jul 2020 09:39:20 +0000Mon, 06 Jul 2020 09:39:20 +0000am20,9:39 am

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