Organization Matters – Academic Affairs and Planning

The strategic link between academic affairs and the college planning process has traditionally been strong at Valencia. Through a realignment of responsibilities, that connection will become even stronger as the vice president and chief learning officer position (previously held by Dr. Kaye Walter) and the vice president of institutional advancement position (previously held by Ms. Susan Kelley) have been combined to create the vice president of academic affairs and planning. This article is the third in a series called “Organization Matters,” in which we will share information about changes in campus and college organization and leadership.


In our last “Organization Matters” segment, we featured the campus reorganization. The corresponding college-wide component of that work is the academic affairs and planning unit, which includes leaders for curriculum and articulation, assessment and institutional effectiveness, workforce development, and the newly added resource development office. As Dr. Shugart mentioned in his Academic Assembly address, the work of these leaders is to provide information, expert opinion, training, measurement, and support for the campus leaders, including the new campus deans of academic affairs and learning support. Check out how the campus dean of academic affairs and learning support positions are organized on West, East, and Osceola Campuses.

The power of aligning planning and resource (grant) development, with the other areas of academic affairs, provides new opportunities for innovative work. “One of the best decisions I’ve ever made was to make the call to Joan Tiller and say ‘won’t you come back?’…she’s wonderful, rational, a great listener, a healer, she’s great and she’s helping us work through this transition,” said Dr. Shugart at Academic Assembly as he re-introduced Ms. Tiller to the faculty and staff. Coming out of retirement to serve as an interim in this role, Joan is steadily guiding the development of this integrated division and fostering close connections with college and campus leadership.

Recruitment for the vice president of academic affairs and planning position will begin in early November, with the goal of having a new leader in place by late spring of 2012. The assistant vice president for resource development position (previously held by Ms. Liz Gombash) is open and applications are currently being accepted. Other positions in the college-wide academic affairs and planning department are also open and will be advertised in “Upcoming @ Valencia” in the Juice.

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