Organization Matters: Campus Reorganization

Our capacity to innovate systemically has been limited by our size….These words, spoken by Dr. Shugart at Academic Assembly, described the significant changes in campus and college leadership. He explained that the college’s strength and reputation for innovation, big ideas, and commitment to assessment, have become more difficult to realize in our current approach.

This article is the second in a series named “Organization Matters” through which we will share information about the reorganization of our college leadership. This week, we’re focusing on the expanding scope of campus leadership teams – West, East, and Osceola.

Referring to a Navy metaphor, Dr. Shugart explained that we have been navigating the college as one giant ship – a model that we have outgrown. Rather, he suggested, we are more like a fleet of ships, each with its own captain, capacity, and focus. He joked that “he is still the admiral, but in the Navy, the admiral does not drive a ship.”

The opportunity for faculty and staff to guide the direction of their campus is strong. Each member of the college community is called upon to be deeply involved in the visioning conversation. Below you will find an organizational chart for each of the three campus presidents, and more about each of the new positions that Dr. Shugart presented in his remarks.

The campus president (reporting directly to the college president) is the chief academic, planning, and operations leader for the campus and is called upon to lead the campus faculty and staff in producing a real, collaborative, and focused campus vision and plan (in less than five pages!).

The Campus Dean of Learning Support is a new position at the college, born out of the Foundations of Excellence work, and designed to create a cohesive first-year experience for our students. This position will oversee the library, tutoring services, testing center, learning labs, supplemental learning, Learning in Community support (LinC), and Student Life Skills (SLS). The dean of learning support will work collaboratively with college and campus leadership to ensure delivery of a high quality learning support system for our students.

A colleague to the deans and an academic leader on campus, the Campus Dean of Academic Affairs position is designed to re-develop the assistant provost role into a strong liaison among college and campus leaders in academic affairs. This position will collaborate with college and campus academic affairs leaders to establish strategies and to develop and implement programs that align and achieve the vision. Specifically, this position will provide campus connections for assessment and learning outcomes work, honors, international education, service learning, enrollment planning, and institutional research.

In the former campus organization, the assistant to the provost focused primarily on day-to-day operational and facilities support. This position will be refocused as the Director of Campus Operations with a similar set of responsibilities.

Finally, the leaders of both Winter Park and Lake Nona campuses will change to executive deans. They will function as peers to other academic deans on the East and Osceola campuses, with expanded responsibilities for campus operations.

The full deployment of these changes will take place over the next six months and opportunities to apply for some of these positions will be made available. Through the Organization Matters series, we aim to clarify the underlying rationale for the change, as well as communicate the structural differences in how we will accomplish our work.

What questions do you have about the new campus reorganization? Take a moment and click on “Leave Comment” below. You can submit questions or comments and we will integrate your feedback into future postings.

Read more about the college’s reorganization:


  • jpande said:

    The upcoming@valencia link above does not seem to work. Nice newsletter, otherwise.

    AMThu, 27 Oct 2011 05:51:23 +0000Thu, 27 Oct 2011 05:51:23 +0000am11,5:51 am

  • Neal Phillips said:

    I am very impressed with the selection of candidates for the presidency of the Winter Park/East campuses, but two of the vitaes clearly stand out above the third. In addition, that third vita has some verb tense mistakes in its listings of achievements. As an English instructor, it worries me greatly that a candidate for a president position would include such oversights.

    AMSun, 08 Apr 2012 06:25:53 +0000Sun, 08 Apr 2012 06:25:53 +0000am12,6:25 am

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