Organization Matters: Human Resources & Diversity (Part 2)

This year, when you reviewed and signed up for your benefits, you may have noticed how easy and straightforward the process was. You can thank Joe Livingston, assistant vice president of human resources, and his team for the recently-released HRinTouch system, which made open enrollment a one-stop-shop for your health, life, dental, and voluntary benefits. This article is the eleventh in a series called “Organization Matters” in which we will communicate changes in college and campus leadership.

Last week, we shared recent changes to the diversity and inclusion branch of human resources and, after the Thanksgiving holiday, we will update you on the progress of the organizational communication and development team. This week, we turn the spotlight to Joe Livingston’s area, which is responsible for many of the technical functions of human resources, from processing bi-weekly payroll, to maintaining accurate and complete employee records.

Joe oversees human resources information systems, and leads the teams that manage your benefits, pay checks, and records. The compliance and policy department recently moved to Joe’s office, with both Mariann Swenson (coordinator of compliance programs such as FMLA) and Joe Nunes (coordinator, policy and program compliance) joining his team. John Kobe (see featured colleague) also recently joined the human resources team as the manager of compensation and classification in July of this year

Among many accomplishments, this area has been especially diligent in the last year to make the shift to human resources self-service, allowing you to update your personal contact information as needed. Most information related to your pay, job history, and available leave balances is at your fingertips through the Atlas “Employees” tab. In addition, with HRinTouch, you can frequently review information and resources to help you better manage your health and access the Employee Assistance Program. These changes are part the human resources redesign, aligning programs, resources, and services to better meet the needs of the college.

Read more about the college’s reorganization:

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