Organization Matters – Human Resources & Diversity (Part 3)

Whether you’re reading the headline for this article in The Juice, or you’ve clicked “read more” to go to the full story in The Grove, you are experiencing the first phase of our new employee communication tools brought to you by the Office for Organizational Communication and Development (OOCD). This article is the twelfth and final article in a series called “Organization Matters” in which we have shared important information about changes in college and campus leadership. After profiling each of the major organizational divisions at the college, we conclude with OOCD – the newest office in human resources.

Responding to our third strategic goal, “Invest in Each Other,” OOCD was officially formed in August 2010 and has evolved to include five integrated units: organizational communication (led by Chara Young), employee development (led by Jenny Charriez), employment and onboarding (led by Jennifer Page), performance development and talent planning (led by Brent Nakagama), and conferencing and college events (led by Becky Gallup).

These individuals and their teams support employees from the time they are first recruited, until the end of their journey at the college. They work together to find and onboard new employees, provide professional development, support performance management (PDP), and facilitate conferences and events (like the upcoming Legal Issues Conference) – all the while ensuring that employees have access to the most up-to-date information through The Grove.

During the reorganization process, Dr. Shugart also asked the human resources team to develop a new approach to employee relations. As a result, in January 2012, OOCD will launch the first phase of an employee relations model based on an alternative dispute resolution process – allowing us to provide employee relations support to our colleagues across the college. Brent Nakagama will provide direct support to supervisors and managers, Adela Hathaway (see featured colleague) will provide direct support to employees, and Stan Stone and Amy Bosley will work together to assist with the implementation of this approach. The college is also hiring a full-time equal opportunity (E/O) officer who will work in the general counsel’s office to handle all formal claims and investigations. This work is still in the early planning stages and your input is welcome – feel free leave a comment below if you have ideas or recommendations.

The work in each of these areas is being revamped, revitalized, and renewed – and you will continue to see new approaches to core functions ranging from the college’s employee recruitment process to professional development programming, which is now called Valencia EDGE . You will continue to be informed about these new developments through The Grove, and we encourage you to stay connected via the RSS Feed or through reading the weekly e-news, The Juice. If you have any questions, please contact Amy Bosley at or at extension 8255.

Read more about the college’s reorganization:



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