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We say you can. If you’ve seen Valencia’s new advertisements running on television or posted on billboards around town, you’ve seen the work of our Marketing and Strategic Communications department. This article is the seventh in a series called “Organization Matters” in which we will share information about changes in college and campus leadership. As part of the college reorganization that took place when Susan Kelley (former Vice President, Institutional Advancement) retired, Lucy Boudet was named Vice President of Marketing and Strategic Communications.

Charged with fulfilling the college’s enrollment management plan, the Marketing and Strategic Communications department leads the development and deployment of advertising campaigns, manages public relations efforts of the college, and engages with the media to ensure that the college’s story is told accurately and often. The college is making major investments in storytelling to help our local community leaders, philanthropists, and legislators, as well as our students, know that Valencia is an integral part of our region’s success.

Engaging our students in conversations about their education, goals, hopes, and dreams is the focus of a new Student Video Contest, led by Craig Blazejewski, director of interactive marketing. The contest asks students to answer, “Why College? Why Valencia?” in under three minutes. Five winners will be selected to receive free tuition for the remainder of their program of study at Valencia, up to 60 credit hours. You can watch some of the entries by checking out the “view entries” page on the contest site. Our students have amazing stories to tell – but they have to do it quickly, as the contest ends on October 21 at noon.

Read more about the college’s reorganization:


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