Organization Matters – Operations and Finance

Committed to the challenge of keeping the campuses and college running smoothly, our colleagues in operations and finance (formerly administrative services) are hard at work and focused on the task. This article is the fourth in a series called “Organization Matters” in which we will share information about changes in campus and college organization and leadership.

Keith Houck, our vice president for operations and finance and chair of the College Operations Council, oversees several important functions at the college including the Office of Information Technology, all areas of finance, budgeting, procurement, and auxiliary services (like the bookstore), facilities and safety/security.

One of the most recent changes in operations and finance is the effort focused on saving resources by reducing our environmental impact and energy consumption, which is being led by Assistant Vice President of Facilities Helene Loiselle and the college’s Sustainability Committee.

Patti Riva (see this week’s featured colleague) has been selected to lead the Energy Education effort and is studying the energy consumption patterns of each campus – building by building – so that appropriate measures to reduce our consumption can be employed. To date, many structural changes in our buildings have helped us realize significant savings. Now, we have reached a point where we are required to modify our behaviors in ways that promote energy efficiency. To learn how you can do your part, check out the Energy Education Update.

To learn more about the Energy Education program, contact Patti Riva at or at extension 5495 and look to The Grove for more information about how you can do your part!

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