Peer Review Process Allows Faculty to Receive Feedback on Online Courses

A Message from Geni Wright, Director, Online Teaching and Learning

As you may know, Valencia College has a new online course peer review process. This process, built by faculty and approved through shared governance, was created to improve the quality of our online courses.

Faculty review courses for evidence of quality in design and delivery using Valencia’s Rubric for Online Competencies (ROC). Each review team is comprised of faculty members who have completed the Digital Professor Certificate, including ASMT3326: Introduction to the Rubric for Online Competencies (ROC), ASMT3327: ROC Peer Review Training and, depending on their role in the review, ASMT3328 ROC Panel Chair Training.

A group of early adopters participated in Destination 2018 to implement the ROC, share feedback about the course peer review process and provide input about future training opportunities. Equipped with data from Destination, the Online Learning Excellence team was established. The team is comprised of seven campus-based faculty fellows collaborating with six faculty developer/instructional designers to design ROC resources and faculty development courses. Three courses focus on introducing faculty to the ROC and the various peer review roles, with an additional fourth course to guide deans and program chairs through the dean portion of the course review. Since the beginning of 2019 when the courses launched, 400 faculty, program chairs and deans have completed training.

During this same timeframe, selected faculty were invited to a spring/summer 2019 cohort to participate in the course peer review process. These faculty members paired with a campus-based faculty fellow and a faculty developer/instructional designer. Through the support of this team, faculty members navigated through the phases of preparation and course peer review.

Reflecting on the course peer review experience, Summer Trazzera, professor, reading, and spring/summer cohort participant shared, “When we transitioned from Blackboard to Canvas, like most folks, I took the necessary steps to learn the new LMS and designed my courses with the ROC in mind. However, through the peer review process, I learned how to effectively analyze my course, focusing on all components of delivery and design. I’ll admit I was a little nervous having a group of colleagues review my course, but the panel was incredibly supportive and provided valuable feedback that highlighted both my course strengths and areas for improvement. They were able to point out things I never noticed or even considered, and I was able to make necessary changes to my course, improving the overall teaching and learning experience.”

While some faculty members are currently engaged in the preparation and course peer review process, the following faculty members have successfully completed both the peer and dean portions of the ROC Course Peer Review Process.

  • Kristin Bartholomew, professor, nutrition – HUN2202 Essentials of Nutrition with Diet Therapy
  • Joel Berman, professor, mathematics – MAC2312 Calculus/ Analytical Geometry II
  • Cheri Cutter, professor, business – GEB2112 Entrepreneurship
  • Emily Elrod, professor, mathematics – MGF1106 College Mathematics
  • Johnie Forsythe, teaching math coordinator – MAT1033C Intermediate Algebra
  • Stephanie Freuler, professor, reading – ENC1102 Freshman Comp II
  • Susan Gosnell, professor, radiologic and imaging science – RTE3765 Anatomy of the Medical Imager
  • Lisa Macon, professor, software development – COP1000C Introduction to Programming Concepts
  • Alyce Miller, professor, history – EUH2000 Ancient and Medieval Western Civilization
  • Liza Schellpfeffer, professor, speech – SPC1608 Fundamentals of Speech
  • Rebecca Toole, professor, English – ENC1102 Freshman Comp II
  • Summer Trazzera, professor, reading – ENC0027 Developmental Reading and Writing
  • Tarteashia Harris, professor, economics – ECO302 Principles of Economics – Macro

As a result of feedback from this cohort, the Online Learning Excellence team continues to develop and provide resources to support faculty in all phases of course peer review. Full-time faculty members across the College will be invited to submit their courses for the peer review process starting this fall.

For questions about the online course peer review process, contact me at or 407-299-5000, extension 3005.

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