PIVOT: Leadership Development Rebranded

pivot-intro-GROVEValencia’s leadership development programs have a new look and name — PIVOT. The Employee Development team worked diligently to find the best name to represent all of our leadership programs, while keeping Valencia’s expectations of quality at the forefront of their process.

Brandon Albert, senior graphic designer in the Office for Organizational Communication and Development, explained that the process to find a new name commenced with in-depth research into similar programs at other colleges, non-profits and corporations. The choices for the new name and logo were then narrowed down – Brandon explained further, “A list of names were generated based on a path of linguistic exploration opened up by insights into the attitudes and actions of effective leaders from around the world.” He went on to explain, that there is much more to PIVOT than just a name – the new branding was inspired by the anatomy of the process a person undertakes to become a leader.

Once the team selected the new name, each certificate program was tied to the concept in order to build PIVOT as a whole. The new branding was introduced to supervisors at the Supervisor Summit held on July 19.

PIVOT is a multi-tiered approach to leadership development. Each certificate program is designed to build leadership skills and strengthen employee and supervisory competencies at all stages of development.

PIVOT includes the following programs:

pivot1-200h-grovePIVOT 1: This is a new online, self-paced leadership development program for all employees who are interested in strengthening their competencies and leadership skills. This program requires a minimum of 10 hours for completion and requires supervisor approval to enroll. Registration will be available through the Valencia EDGE in September.




pivot5-200h-grovePIVOT 5 (formerly the Essential Supervisory Competencies Certificate program): This leadership development program is designed for employees who currently serve in a supervisory role at the college and requires a minimum of 32 hours for completion, which includes a minimum of four hours of development in each of the five Valencia supervisory competencies: Communication, Collaboration, Manage Performance, Create a Culture for Employee Success and Planning. Supervisor approval is required.

You may now register through the Valencia EDGE for the introductory workshop for PIVOT 5 titled, Supervisory Skills: Strategies for Success, that is scheduled for Friday, September 27, 2013 from 8:00 am – 5:00 pm at CJI.


pivot180-200h-grovePIVOT 180 (formerly The Leadership Academy): The Leadership Academy is designed to develop strong leadership and self-management skills that focus on transferable management skills rather than specific job duties. PIVOT 180 is comprised of 11 sessions and the participants meet once per month for an entire work-day. There is an application process for acceptance into the academy, and supervisor approval is required. If employees are selected to participate in this program, attendance is required for each session. The application process is now open for PIVOT 180. To apply, log into Atlas, click on the “Employees” tab and scroll down to the My Development channel. The application deadline is on Tuesday, September 24, 2013.

pivot360-200h-grovePIVOT 360 (formerly Academy for Learning Leadership): This is Valencia’s academic leadership cohort program, and was designed to explore working theories that direct innovation and development at the College, and deepen our culture of learning centeredness and collaboration. The program focuses on mastery in the seven dimensions of academic leadership and fosters on-going support for new academic leaders. Participants meet monthly in a face-to-face setting for 10 months, and most of the seminars are one-day sessions hosted on campus. Occasionally, multi-day sessions are scheduled and held off-campus. Acceptance into the program is based on a nomination process.


For more information or questions about PIVOT programs, please contact the Employee Development team at orgdevelopment@valenciacollege.edu or extension 8095.

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