Policy Update: Emergency Management

In this Policy Update series, you’ll receive information about recently updated, repealed or approved policies to ensure you are kept abreast of key policy changes. We are excited to provide you with relevant and timely policy information to assist you in your role and your team’s contributions to the College. 

By Michelle Sever, Director, Human Resources Policy and Compliance

Hurricane season is upon us, and Valencia College has a framework for how we prepare and respond to weather incidents, such as hurricanes, as well as other types of emergencies, disasters and adverse work conditions that may impact the health or safety of the College community. A new addition to this framework is College Policy 6Hx28: 3C-01.5 Emergency Management: Emergency or Disaster Work Assignments and Compensation, which was approved at the June 2019 District Board of Trustees meeting.

The new Emergency Management policy provides guidance and expectations for when it may be necessary to partially or completely suspend College operations based upon the scope and nature of the event. The policy provides the following guidance:

  • Essential and non-essential positions are defined for significant types of emergencies or disaster events. Definitions include potential work assignments and compensation information.
  • For major disasters, such as hurricanes, the College President may authorize additional paid leave as applicable to eligible employees for resolving personal emergency or disaster-related repairs or issues.
  • For major disasters or emergencies, where there is an anticipated College closure, Organizational Development and Human Resources will communicate available resources to Safety and Security Services for employees who may need to seek treatment for a work-related injury during a closure.
  • For employees who are a part of the uniformed services, there is guidance on procedures to follow if an employee is called to active duty to support a major disaster response.
  • For less-severe, short-term adverse work conditions from power failures, water failures or similar types of situations that adversely impact a department, area, building or campus by disrupting normal business operations, there is guidance on work assignments and compensation.

Valencia cares about the safety and health of the College community. Please become familiar with and share with your teams College Policy 6Hx28: 3C-01.5 Emergency Management: Emergency or Disaster Work Assignments and Compensation and frequently asked questions:For additional questions on the policy or resources, contact Organizational Development and Human Resources at HR4U@valenciacollege.edu or call the HR4U helpline at 407-299-5000, extension HR4U (4748).

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