Policy Update: How Are College Policies Developed, Reviewed and Updated?

Wednesday, October 14, 2020 

In this Policy Update series, you’ll receive information about recently updated, repealed or approved policies to ensure you are kept abreast of key policy changes. We are excited to provide you with relevant and timely policy information to assist you in your role and your team’s contributions to the College. 


By Michelle Sever, Director, Policy and Special Projects 

At the June District Board of Trustees meeting, several Volume 1 policies surrounding the College’s governance structure were approved. To complement those policies, a final governance policy was approved at the September board meetingCollege Policy 1-09 Policy Development, Review and Approval provides five main features:

  • Updates and reflects current and emerging procedures on policy development at Valencia by distinguishing policies approved by the District Board of Trustees from department procedures, catalogs, handbooks, etc.;
  • Formalizes the College’s shared governance of providing the Faculty Council the opportunity to review and comment on policies before they are presented to the DBOT for consideration and approval. The procedures also outline a three-stage Faculty Council review process that includes the creation and use of a faculty Policy Review Committee;
  • Mandates a regular, continuous and systemic review at least every three years for policies and every two years for procedures;
  • Authorizes minor policy adjustments without the requirement of Board consideration and approval. Examples include non-substantive and routine changes to language with respect to updating references to organizational structures, position or office titles, laws, rules or policies; and grammatical, punctuation or clerical errors;
  • Formalizes the requirement of policy development and review effectiveness in alignment with College strategic priorities, including equity/inclusion, learning, affordability and sustainability.

In addition, following College President Sandy Shugart’s announcement of the College’s initiative to deepen our commitment to the practice of equity, the Office of Policy and General Counsel is working on this new direction in a collaborative development of rubrics to support the College’s strategic priorities such as student learning, affordability, sustainability, and equity/inclusion. This purposeful operational and strategic development and review of policies supports the College’s mission, vision and shared governance.

For more information on how College policies are approved, see College Policy 1-09 Policy Development, Review and Approval. For additional questions, contact Bill Mullowney, vice president, policy and general counsel, at bmullowney@valenciacollege.edu or 407-299-5000, extension 3411.

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