Policy Update: Student Code of Conduct


Thursday, January 20, 2022 

A Message from Andel Fils Aime, Dean of Students, West Region

Valencia College’s student conduct team performed a careful review of College Policy 6Hx28: 8-03: Student Code of Conduct and made updates that better reflect Valencia’s current practices. In addition, with the recent passing of House Bill 233 (HB233), there were several pertinent updates and additions that had to be made to the code. All of the recent modifications provide our students with clarity about the conduct process and what they can expect as it relates to their due process if they are referred to the conduct process for an alleged violation of our code. These updates include the following:

  • Students can now have an advisor assist/accompany them throughout the process, and that advisor can actively participate in the conduct process.
  • The term “Business Day” was added in order to account for actual business days as opposed to calendar days.
  • The “Conflict of Interest” term definition was also included and is in alignment with the discrimination, harassment and related misconduct policy.
  • A section on “Grounds for Discipline” was added in order to define and account for behavior that violates the College’s code in an online learning/virtual environment.
  • A section was added to account for students and registered student organizations having access to conduct records.
  • In order to ensure that the conduct process is administered/facilitated in a fair and equitable manner, additional language was also added to establish a new practice of reviewing the outcomes of the conduct process at least every other year.
  • Although HB233 sets a minimum of five business days’ notice of students receiving a list of witnesses and information that will be presented and reviewed at a formal proceeding, Valencia students will now be given at least seven business days’ notice prior to that proceeding.
  • Students who are referred to the conduct process are initially presumed “not responsible” until the process has been fully resolved.

While these have been the most substantive changes to College Policy 6Hx28: 8-03: Student Code of Conduct in over 10 years, the vice president of student affairs, deans of students and assistant directors of student conduct will move toward a consistent practice of reviewing and/or updating the Code of Conduct on an annual basis to ensure that our policies and procedures are in alignment with best practices. The next revision of College Policy 6Hx28: 8-03: Code of Conduct will begin as early as this Spring 2022 semester where we will be working with faculty, students and staff to design an institutional honor code, clarify and align our policies as it relates to academic integrity and modify our policies so that we are using language that is palatable for all of the members of our campus community.

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