Supervisors, Prepare Now for Mid-Year Check-In

check-in-270wAll full-time staff members will receive an email next week with a reminder to begin the Mid-Year Check-In process. During the Mid-Year Check-In, in the Employee Update step, employees will simply update the status of completion of goals established during the Beginning-of-Year Check-In and comment on each goal to document updates.

sliceThe Mid-Year Check-In phase is intentionally established to review the status of completion of individual goals and tasks that were set in Beginning-of-Year Check-In, as well as revisit departmental goals with your employees. This important time allows you to formally acknowledge and recognize employees for the good work they have accomplished and provides an opportunity to give formal feedback in areas that may need improvement. Making time for this valuable conversation allows your employees to take corrective action, if needed, to achieve goals and meet expectations.

Please set up appointments with your employees to formalize discussions about your their performance progress, to include progress on goals. While informal feedback takes place throughout the year, the Mid-Year Check-In ensures that both you and your employees are aware of what needs to be accomplished prior to the end of the Check-In cycle.

The steps for the Mid-Year Check-in include:

1. Employee Update

2. Supervisor Reflection

Click on the video below for directions on how to navigate the supervisor reflection section.

3. Employee Review (Acknowledgment)

Read the Juice on Tuesday for video directions on steps 1 and 3.

If you have any questions about the Check-In process, please contact the employee development team at or extension 8095.

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