Preparing for 2015-2016 Mid-Year Check-In: The Next Step in the Employee Review Process


Full-time staff members received an email notification on Monday, November 9, 2015, letting them know they may start the Mid-Year Check-In with instructions on how to access the online tool. The Mid-Year Check-In is a key milestone in the Check-In process, which typically takes place between November and January, approximately six months after establishing goals and tasks in the Beginning-of-Year Check-In phase of the performance review cycle.


Once your employee completes the Employee Update step of the Check-In, this is an ideal time to schedule an appointment to formalize discussions about his or her performance. While informal feedback takes place throughout the year, the Mid-Year Check-In is intentionally established to review the progress on goals that were set at the beginning of the year. This important time allows you to formally acknowledge and recognize employees who are doing well and provides an opportunity to give feedback in areas that may need improvement. Making time for this valuable communication allows your employees to take corrective action and ensures that you are aware of what needs to be accomplished prior to the end of the year.


Please note: The Beginning-of-Year Check-In must be completed prior to starting the Mid-Year Check-In.

The most important aspect of the Check-In process is that you communicate with, and provide slice
consistent feedback to, your staff members. The conversations you have with your employees about their development and progress on goals will allow you to provide recognition, address any concerns and create a culture of employee success on your team.

If you have questions or would like additional information about the Check-In process, please contact the employee development team at or extension 8095.

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