Register Today: Learn About Valencia Processes and Policies in Supervisory Skills: Strategies for Success Workshop

supervisory-skills0313-groveDate: Friday, February 20, 2015
Time: 8 – 5 p.m.
Location: West Campus, SEC 8-111

The Supervisory Skills: Strategies for Success workshop is a critical component in preparing supervisors for their leadership roles. This eight-hour, highly interactive workshop focuses on key Valencia processes, policies and procedures that all supervisors should know. Topics include an overview of legal compliance, HR policies and safety and security procedures.

slice“This workshop was great, especially as a fairly new Valencia employee,” said Nick Estee, assistant director, admissions and records. “Not only did it provide a vast amount of information, it was extremely well balanced and gave us an opportunity to interact with each other and the facilitators. The panel of experts segment of this workshop was particularly helpful, as it blocked out some time for us to ask questions to the leaders of each department, which we may not have otherwise had. I would recommend it to not only the new supervisors with Valencia, but those supervisors who have been with Valencia for a longer period of time as well,” he said.

“As a new member of the Valencia College staff, attending the Supervisory Skills: Strategies for Success was vital in helping me transition from the private sector to education,” said McLean Cromer, IT manager. “The speakers and human resources representatives provided me with information that I use daily in my role. Also, the workshop gave me an opportunity to network with other managers across the campus. It was definitely an enjoyable and informational workshop that I believe benefits all managers, both old and new.”

Supervisors will leave with an understating of essential supervisory competencies and the tools and resources to strengthen relationships and further the development of their team. All new supervisors will be automatically enrolled in this workshop, which will be held quarterly and also serves as the introductory course to the PIVOT 5 program. Seating is limited. Please register via the Valencia EDGE.

If you would like assistance with registering for this workshop, please contact the employee development team at or extension 8095.

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