Professor Abbie Potter Henry: Infusing Peace Studies into Developmental Reading and Writing Courses

Abbie-Potter-Henry-highlight-grove-270wIn this month’s Faculty Highlight section, Abbie Potter Henry, senior instructional assistant and Reading adjunct professor from the Osceola Campus, shares her experience and tips for infusing Peace Studies into developmental reading and writing courses.

By Abbie Potter Henry faculty-insight-news-id

In October, 2012 after attending a Peace and Justice Initiative workshop on Integrating Peace Studies, led by Dr. George Lopez, I began plans to infuse principles of peace and justice into my ENC0025C course (Spring 2013) and my REA0017C course (Summer 2013) on Osceola Campus. Although there were some concerns about taking time away from teaching basic reading and writing skills, the results have been phenomenal. First of all, students were enthusiastic to learn about peace and justice work instead of the barrage of bad news they are used to hearing. Class attendance and participation were excellent.  Furthermore, the quality of writing received from students in both courses demonstrated a deep level of reading comprehension and ability to articulate written responses to what had been read.

To read the full article, including an overview of activities, lesson plans and assignments that successfully incorporate principles of peace and justice into developmental reading and writing courses, please click here.

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