Provost Update — August 2020

Friday, August 28, 2020

A Message from Kathleen Plinske, Executive Vice President and Provost

I hope this message finds you well and your fall term has started successfully and safely. I write with an update on textbook orders through the Campus Store, a reminder for faculty about attendance and no-show reporting, and an invitation for all employees to participate in upcoming forums to help shape the College’s Strategic Impact Plan.

  • Campus Store Orders Delayed – because we experienced a last-minute surge in enrollment, our Valencia Campus Store received an extraordinarily large number of orders from students this week. As a result, it is taking our Campus Store team several days to process and ship orders. Please be as flexible as possible with students who have not yet received their instructional materials.If you’d like to consider different options for students who may not yet have access to the required materials for your course, please feel free to reach out to one of our librarians. Also, you may find this FAQ about copyrightSpecial thanks to our Campus Store team for its efforts to process the extraordinary number of orders received as quickly as possible.
    • Attendance and No-show Reporting – faculty members are required to report any students who do not engage in an “academically related activity” during the first week of class by entering a “W” in the Final Grades function in Atlas during the “No-show Reporting” period. For courses that have started (full-term, H1, TWJ terms) the “No-Show Reporting” period is Tuesday, September 1 – Thursday, September 10, 2020. Please click here for instructions on how to record this information in Atlas; the last date of attendance entered should be the first day of the course, Monday, August 24, 2020.In addition to this requirement, I would ask that you consider reaching out to students who have not engaged in your class but who have not dropped. We have found from our calling campaigns that our students tend to respond well to outreach by phone. To find a student’s phone number, log on to Atlas, click the Faculty tab, choose Faculty & Advisor Services (near the top right), then choose Detail Class List (second row, second box from left). After choosing a CRN, click on any student’s name on your class roster to display phone contact information.

  • Help Shape the College’s Next Strategic Impact Plan – as you heard at Academic Assembly, we have begun the process of developing the College’s next Strategic Impact Plan. The Impact Plan will articulate high-level, aspirational goals for the College that describe the “What?” and the “Why?” for our work. After we develop our Impact Plan this fall, we will continue our planning process in the spring by developing Institutional Plans that describe the “How?,” including the strategies and tactics that we will implement to make progress toward the goals articulated in the Strategic Impact Plan.


The Strategic Planning process started in July with a Board of Trustees workshop during which we shared information about our students’ performance in the areas of access, graduation, transfer and workforce. We discussed what measures we might consider using to establish an aspirational goal for each area, and we committed to reviewing our progress toward these goals through the lens of racial equity. Furthermore, given the critical importance of opportunity and equity, we also committed to developing an institutional Equity Plan. We encourage you to review the short papers that we have prepared about accessgraduationtransferworkforce and opportunity and equity.

I invite you to mark your calendars to participate in upcoming planning forums in September and October to help identify and articulate our aspirational goals, viewed through the lens of opportunity and equity, that will serve as the foundation for our Strategic Impact Plan. In an effort to avoid scheduling conflicts and to manage the size of discussion groups, we have scheduled multiple forums for each area. To maximize opportunities for your colleagues’ participation, please plan to attend only one forum for each area.





Thank you for your continued efforts to support our students, and one another, during this challenging time. Please don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions, comments or concerns.

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