Redesign of Valencia’s Collaborative Governance System

A special message from Dr. Sandy Shugart, Valencia College President

I am pleased to share the final redesign of our collaborative governance system. Over the past three years, we have invested time, energy and resources to study and reform our shared governance system and to affirm our commitment to shared inquiry, collaboration and transparency in our processes and decision-making. You can learn more about the history of our redesign process in the Grove by reading the “New Vision of Shared Governance Takes Shape at Redesign Retreat.”

As part of our review and redesign process, we identified the outcomes of shared governance — better decisions and greater trust — and have aligned our governance structure to keep those outcomes in the forefront of our work.

What emerged during the redesign was that our existing governance structure was no longer working for us which, in turn, led us to collaboratively design a new model which features three councils — Executive, Learning Leadership and Faculty Councils — and centralized coordination to ensure that important work is moving through our governance system. Valencia has built a very healthy tradition of collaboration using many techniques, including design processes, high-bandwidth meetings and cross-functional work teams that incorporated agreement on design principles for important projects prior to the actual design work. These — along with other models of inclusion and collaboration — will continue to be a part of Valencia’s unique culture.

You can read more about the charge and membership of each council by clicking here to review the Governance Councils and Leadership document. To learn more about our new collaborative governance system, I encourage you to watch this video which details the purpose, focus and relationships within our governance model.

As our new shared governance model is implemented, you will see regular updates emailed to you in “The Juice” newsletter on each council’s work, decisions and opportunities to provide feedback and to engage in the decision-making process.

The new collaborative governance system will officially launch in September 2014. In the meantime, we will begin staffing the new councils through a call for participation from the Career Staff, Professional Staff and Faculty Associations, so keep an eye on your email and “The Juice” for your opportunity to participate.

Co-chairs of the councils will meet in early July to plan the first annual collaborative governance retreat, where members of all councils will be oriented and create the annual plan for council work.

In closing, I would like to thank all of you who have participated in and/or served on one of our existing governing councils. Your input is appreciated and your work has been instrumental in making Valencia the excellent institution that it is today. I also appreciate all of you who engaged in the review and redesign process, either through service on a team, participation in a campus forum or by providing your feedback on our design.

As always, I welcome your questions and comments. Please either reply directly to this email or post a comment in The Grove.

Thank you for your commitment to our students and to a process that helps us make the best possible decisions to support their learning.

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  • Michele McArdle said:

    It is a delight to see the new model that is based on a thorough review of the former governance model, intense collaboration, a commitment to communication, and a dedicated annual planning process. I believe we can continue and expand our success with student completion by staying focused on the outcomes of better decisions and greater trust in our work together.

    PMWed, 02 Jul 2014 13:53:40 +0000Wed, 02 Jul 2014 13:53:40 +0000pm14,1:53 pm

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