Reflecting on Destination 2018

Valencia faculty from across the College completed Destination 2018 on Friday, June 8, 2018. This year’s five-week program spanned seven tracks with 152 participants completing the program.

Tracks included the following:

Creativity in the Classroom

The Creativity in the Classroom track encouraged participants to foster creativity in their teaching and also in their students’ learning. Over the five-week experience, participants worked on a way to infuse creativity into their curriculum. Most participants created new lessons — or re-developed existing lessons — to reinforce behaviors, tools or characteristics that support students’ creativity within their discipline.

Deepen Student Learning through Active Learning

This year’s active learning track drew heavily on the concept of metacognition, which invites students to think about their thinking and learning processes. Participants were provided various metacognitive strategies that they could implement within active learning activities in their teaching throughout this Destination program. Then, participants drafted their own metacognition activity plans to be implemented during the following three phases of the active learning activity: preparing to learn before the activity, monitoring learning during the activity and reflecting on learning after the activity.

Writing to Learn/Learning to Write: What is WAC?

The Writing Across the Curriculum (WAC) track called participants to discover strategies for their disciplines to develop reading and critical-thinking strategies, build confidence and offer just-in-time feedback. Participants created a planning document of their WAC strategy in their course and participated in a conference-style mini-session for “bricks-and-clicks” takeaways.

Early Alert, Valencia Style: Creating a Culture of Continuous Assessment and Responsive Engagement (CARE)

Participants in the early alert CARE track discovered campus resources, research and best practices to apply early alert intervention strategies in their teaching practices. Participants produced an intervention strategy as well as a course schedule of interventions and student observations.

SEED: Seeking Educational Equity and Diversity

The SEED experience differs from other diversity programs in that SEED leaders do not lecture. Instead, they lead their own colleagues in experiential, interactive exercises and conversation — often stimulated by films and readings. In this track, participants explored experiences and learned how to converse from a diverse perspective, listened and responded to personal experiences from a cultural perspective and employed techniques on how to listen and respond to intercultural communications.

Sustainability: Thinking Critically About Quality of Life

In the sustainability track, participants reviewed the concepts of systems thinking, equity, scale, tradeoffs, and collaboration and participation, as they relate to a sustainable world. Participants showcased their sustainability-infused lesson plans, which they worked on over the course of the five-week experience. To see examples of the lesson plans, click here.

ROC and Review

The ROC and Review track was designed to bring together Canvas pilot faculty members to participate in collegial peer reviews of their online courses using the Rubric for Online Competencies (ROC). Faculty members and course peer review panel members completed training — measuring online course content to ensure alignment with quality design and delivery criteria. Throughout the track, participants provided feedback for improving the course peer review training, utilizing the ROC and panel communication methods in all phases of the process.

If you couldn’t attend Destination 2018, don’t worry because you can still be a part of the conversation. Throughout the five weeks, participants actively posted about their learning and progress on social media. You can see what they had to say and contribute to the conversation via Facebook or Twitter.

We look forward to seeing you for what is sure to be a fantastic Destination 2019. See you next year!

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