Register for the 2015–2016 Valencia Seeking Educational Equity and Diversity (SEED) Cohort


Left to right from bottom to top are SEED participants:

Stanton Reed, Michele Lima, Rachel Luce-Hitt, Born Allah
Rudy Darden, Marilyn Greaves, Veronica Brown, Tina Tan, Kevin Rushing, Merlyn Brito
Rachel Allen, Marsha Butler, Liz Jusino
Elizabeth Bryant, Mary Asbury, Micheline Maalouf, Kera Coyer, Misty Ellis, Liz Suarez, Celine Kavalec
Angela Cortes, Hank Van Putten, Chara Young, Joy Jones, Joanie Doerr
Mollie McLaughlin
, Mayra Holzer, Bob Gessner

A message from Rachel Luce-Hitt, Coordinator, Inclusive Excellence

As the 2014 – 2015 SEED seminars come to a close for both cohorts, we would like to recognize the amazing group of people who dedicated time to opening their hearts and minds in exploration of an even more welcoming, accessible and inclusive Valencia.

seed-logo-270wEach person contributed a unique and valuable perspective from which we were all able to learn. Congratulations, SEED family!

Applications are now available for spots in the 2015 – 2016 Valencia SEED Cohort! SEED stands for Seeking Educational Equity and Diversity and is a national project founded by Dr. Peggy McIntosh of Wellesley College.

The program’s aim is to create more inclusive educational spaces and workplaces. A group of faculty and staff will be selected to participate in monthly three-hour seminars scheduled to begin in September 2015. Each seminar utilizes interactive exercises and dialogue to stimulate personal reflection on how each participant’s experiences shape the lens through which he or she sees and interacts in the world.

SEED facilitators hope to recruit a diverse group of participants from all areas of the College, including career service, professional and faculty members.  Employees of all ages, cultural backgrounds, genders, sexual orientations, faith traditions and life experiences/perspectives are encouraged to apply. The deadline for submission is Wednesday, May 6, 2015.

Click the button below to apply.

apply-now-button-seed-groveFor more information, visit the National SEED Project website.

If you have any questions about SEED at Valencia, please contact Rachel Luce-Hitt, at or extension 8081.


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