Resource Development – Turning Innovative Ideas into Reality

A vital component of the academic affairs and planning division is to support activities and projects that enhance student learning and services. One way this is achieved is through the work of the resource development office (RDO), which is tasked with finding and securing external grant funds for unique and innovative projects that are not supported by existing operating funds.

Some of Valencia’s most innovative ideas were developed through the use of grant money, such as LifeMap, Achieving the Dream and the Developmental Education Initiative (DEI).  More recent, large-scale grants awarded to the college include the Walmart PRESS for Completion grant ($100,000) and the Title III Strengthening Institutions Program grant ($1.88 million).

Grant money is considered “seed money” with a purpose of bringing new ideas to life, and is not meant to be used as a short-term solution for long-term problems. All grant monies awarded to Valencia must be routed through the RDO, which aids in identifying funding sources, managing the grant, and monitoring reporting and budgets.

There are two ways a grant project may originate: Either an employee brings an idea to the RDO seeking grant funds to develop a project, or the RDO identifies a potential funding source then makes the college community aware and a decision is made to pursue the opportunity by creating a project based on source criteria. In both cases, the project must be aligned with the college’s strategic goals and the RDO staff must be involved in the process.

Click here for a graphic overview of how a grant project idea or funding opportunity moves through the RDO process. A full Grant Proposal Resource Development Guide can be downloaded here, or accessed from the RDO website.

If you have any questions or would like additional information about the grant proposal process, please contact any one of the resource development team members. You may also reference the frequently asked questions page of the resource development website.

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