Responding to Requests for Victim Records

A message from Carol Traynor, Director, Public Relations

In light of yesterday’s tragic terrorist attack — and the heightened public and media attention that will result if any of the victims are or have been students or employees — I would remind you that in order to respect and protect students’ and employees’ rights of privacy under state and federal laws, we must be very careful in responding to requests involving information from student education records or employee personnel records.

Accordingly, please immediately direct to the Public Relations team (listed below) all calls or messages from the media or others seeking information (including confirmations of enrollment or employment) on students or employees who are victims or otherwise connected with this tragedy, so that our office can respond in a timely and appropriate manner.

Thank you for your support of the College and our students during this very difficult time.

Carol Traynor
Public Relations Director
Extension: 1015

Linda Beaty
Senior News Writer
Extension: 5661

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